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Szy 02-13-2013 02:20 PM

Looking for a support!

my team (unnamed at the moment) is looking for a SUPPORT to play with us in ranked 5's and prized tournaments.

we're looking for someone who already knows the mechanics of a support and bottom lane, preferably a support main and gold 1 or above (everyone on team is gold 1+).

if you're interested, add me ASAP or reply here (IGN is Altercate) as we want to participate in a small tournament this upcoming weekend.

p.s. no ragers

edit: woops, wrong section

lx K E N J I xl 02-14-2013 04:30 AM

i can support for ya guys, Im really competitive, and want to go pro in lol! :) lets give it a shot!
lx K E N J I xl

bankablechicken 02-14-2013 08:25 AM

I added your ign. if youre willing to try me out at support still

NeverBackDown2 02-18-2013 07:44 AM

i can support add me NeverBackDown2. plat division 5

Tsurugii 02-22-2013 04:43 PM

Hi :)

I'm currently Silver I (and up for promotion) and I main support. I have almost every support and I play aggressively, but not stupidly. I have good map awareness and am a good team player. I tend to play a lot, so if you want to play a couple games with me and test out my skill, I'd be more than happy to. Add me if you're interested. :)

IGN: Tsurugii

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