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Mittsies 08-02-2009 09:18 PM

Soraka fails to make the mark.
The ultimate support hero in League of Legends currently stands as a not-so-versatile hero that goes by the name of Soraka. Her primary concept is a supportive healer that can replenish the oh-so-valued mana back to heroes which is extremely useful for low mana heroes like tanks and carries. Her "Wish" ultimate is incredible, and with plenty of ability power she can save her allies from many situations. What makes her not-so amazing, however, are her remaining two abilities. Summarizing this and elaborating more:

  • Infuse is an incredible ability - enabling infinite harassment for an allied nuker.
  • Wish, her ultimate, is very solid -- capable of healing a dramatic amount of life towards the end game.
  • Starcall is garbage. Mediocre damage, weak negative buff that reduces resistance. Even towards the end game with lots of ability power it can take numerous waves of this ability to actually kill creeps. If picked early -- you sacrifice an incredible amount of supportive power!
  • Astral Blessing is convenient early game but cannot heal rapidly enough to be useful towards the end game.
Below are some suggested changes to make her a more well-rounded, less awkward hero.
  • CURRENT: Astral Blessing currently heals for a slight amount of life over 12 seconds and add 30 armor. By the end game, with lots of ability power, it can heal about 33~35 over 12 (which is a little over 400).
  • CHANGE: Astral Blessing's duration will scale with level; such as 12/11/10/9/8 and will instantly heal a small portion of the heal at the beginning of the skill.
  • WHY?: As an early game laning skill, the heal is nifty, but towards the end game it becomes extremely unreliable due to the long duration. The burst of health when casted will also make it more useful for last-second saves.
  • CURRENT: Starcall is junk in its current state, even in team fights I feel that it's incredibly weak. If you somehow manage to hit an enemy 3 times with it you'll do a few hundred damage and reduce their armor by what a single Null-Magic Mantle can cover up (if it even stacks; I'm not entirely sure!).
  • CHANGE: Replace the ability altogether with a Penitence-clone from Chen. It will slow a single target champion by a % and make them take a % amount of extra damage from all sources.
  • WHY?: This works significantly better than an AoE nuke because it gives her a way to truly weaken enemies so her teammates can wail on them. An obvious problem with this change is that she'll no longer have a single form of damage and farming on creeps will be next to impossible. I hope to fix that by changing her passive as well.
  • CURRENT: The 16 magic resistance is nothing to get excited about. Honestly I like the concept of this ability but it's just not really necessary since she's already got 3 other supportive abilities.
  • CHANGE: My plan is to give her an offensive ability as a passive so she can purely focus on supporting her team. The proposed change: "Starcall - Every time Soraka casts a spell she has a 15% chance to unleash a wave of a magic from a star to strike down nearby enemies. The chance of sucess is increased by 15% for each enemy champion present." The damage scales with level and ability power; dealing about 50 damage at level one.
  • WHY?: This gives an offensive capability to Soraka; especially in team fights. Of course the passive Starcall won't be as strong as the original, and no longer reduces resistance, but it allows her to passively deal damage while focusing on healing and supporting allies.

Thanks for hearing me out. My overall intention is to make Soraka a much more versatile hero without changing her role.

pandamine 08-02-2009 09:50 PM

If anything, infuse needs to be remade. Giving infinite mana to a team is a really stupid design concept and is creating half the problems with Soraka

Razzle Dazzle 08-02-2009 10:12 PM

Soraka's fine the way she is... shes amazing suport, early game and late game. she is really good at pushing altough I guess starcall is kinda weak... but replacing it with Pentanence isint a good idea! there are all ready plenty of skills like Pentanance in the game, and giving her this will maek her farming useless. maybe u just need more practice with her cause shes alot of fun and really good if u can play her

Rokk 08-02-2009 10:28 PM

Her passive is rather unimaginative. Starcall really sucks throughout the entire game. But yeah, her mp refresh is rather overpowered. That needs to be nerfed before she gets any buffs.

Vangu 08-02-2009 10:32 PM

I agree with some of the changes.I play soraka when I want to have a change of pace and I can say I find it already hard to kill creeps mainly because starcall is the last thing I get..I mean I am playing a healer why would I get a move to damage when I am meant to heal...

I agree the best way to go about it is to change the passive because any player that does Soraka and does not get the healing move needs to rethink who they are.

Edit: I would personally rather play Zilean then her at the moment. I can revive people (chrono shift), speed them up, and lower their cooldowns and give them mana per sec (with the right armor). So the only thing I cant really do is heal them and I think the healing starts to be pointless about mid game. Not to say it does not help but I can just as easly speed people up as Zilean where they can run away and not die. Other then Sorakas wish spell I dont think she is that great of a class. I can really say I have not seen her in a game once and though "aww ****" however when I see Zilean I expect to have to chase people and kill the person he is with once again. If I see someone with Soraka I expect them to not go back to base for mana and to be slightly harder to kill because the healing but that does not save their life...in a battle they normally would die in. Again except for wish I still think that is the only move she has that makes her great.

Mittsies 08-02-2009 11:54 PM

I will agree how godly that mana buff is; but really for the most part she really needs an overall buff. Currently Zilean, as support, is numerous times more useful in almost all situations in my opinion.

muusbolla 08-03-2009 09:10 AM


Originally Posted by Mittsies (Hozzászólás 30579)
I will agree how godly that mana buff is; but really for the most part she really needs an overall buff.

I respectfully disagree. She needs to get beaten with the nerfbat. Wish needs to be removed, and her heal changed into an instant-cast heal with a longer cooldown.

Village Idiot 08-03-2009 09:28 AM

Soraka's both fine and yet not fine.

Your team is basically giving up another potetial Carry DPS for a healer.

Soraka have a choice; either go Starfall for lane pushing/money making, or Wish/Infuse for pure support, but then run into money problems.

Though I would agree that Infuse should have a mana cost involved, say 30% of what it restores.

Her major problem is that she's effectively stuck as a healer/support (though to be fair, if you want to play pure support its perfectly fine), with less DPS than a one-armed, blind midget hitting you with a nerf bat spoon.

And I find Astral Blessing too weak early game. I don't even bother getting it at Lv6 since Lv3 Infuse is just too good to pass up.

Faro 08-03-2009 10:56 AM

I honestly believe Soraka giving unlimited mana is the problem with this game right now. It makes games incredibly fast pace. Once a push starts with a team that has Soraka you either have to kill more of them than they kill of you or you lose the game. They don't stop the train to get mana or heal, they don't blue pill for items. They win. Plain and simple. This ability shouldn't give unlimited mana, it's ridiculous. Possibly make it give aoe mana, but make it restore less than it costs her?

Xiao 08-03-2009 11:12 AM

Your team is basically giving up another potetial Carry DPS for a healer.

This. Her support needs to be good enough to justify a 15-20% damage loss for your team. I think that it is.

In regards to her hot, the better Sorakas I've seen have used it proactively rather than reactively. Put it on a tank right before the fight, not after they're at half health. The armor bonus is a huge portion of why the spell works so well.

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