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Ukemi 12-02-2009 04:10 PM

The gap
Ok so there are quite a few high ELO players out there and right now i consider myself in the lower elo, although i would like some way to know my elo, cough riot. Anyways whats the gap? this game doesnt seem all that complicated. when i die its that im ussually in a situation where escape is impossible. At this point my "stupid" deaths are down to maybe 1-2 a game. The rest result from lack of teamwork and information. Is it the fact that im playing in pugs that is where my gap is? or is it simply i need to start useing more vision wards all over the place. Im trying to figure out what seperates me, and the super pros in the game.

Guthrek 12-02-2009 09:04 PM

/shrug. team comp, team work, decision making, jungle control. One of the biggest things is about controlling the runes and dragon.

go here:
and watch the live stream things (there's lots of games they've recorded). until replays are developed you won't be able to watch more than one person's perspective, but the videos are still really good for metagame stuff.

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