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Formula for ranking up tiers and divisions.
I find many people curious, confused, even frustrated at not being able to qualify for a series, or even completing a series. Most of the reasons generally revolve around being matched with bad team mates. I'm sure there are people who understands that maybe they did not play well enough, but those people are usually less vocal on the forums. Hence, we see a large amount of frustrated summoners, to the extent that it almost portrays a broken, or borked, system.

I have to confess, I discovered a little formula that determines your ease of climbing up the ladder. I have been abusing it since last week and over the past week or so, I have started after the placement at Silver 3, lost 3 in a row and got knocked down to Silver 5, and now i'm qualified for a promo series for Gold V.

Here is the formula. I play every game just to win that 1 game, putting little worry about how much LP I get or lose, or whether or not I'm going to be knocked down. I stay away from the allure of a higher rank and shinier badges and simply play a game for the game. I find that players are placing too much focus chasing that next tier or division, so much so that the game itself has become secondary. And the irony in that is they often end up jeopardizing their own game and hinder themselves from attaining the very badge they are chasing after.

tl:dr, play the game and the ranking will follow, stress free.

report me after 02-11-2013 10:13 AM

So, I qualified for the promotion and a part of me was thinking..hm.. could what they all say be true? Am i going to meet a bunch of trolls and get knocked out? But I told myself, even if I shall lose this way, its ok, just focus on my own game I'll get that rank sooner or later.

I kept my cool even after a loss, and the best of 5 resulted in W L W W ... Congratulations you have been promoted to Gold V.
Totally doable.

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