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The Black Pickle 02-07-2013 02:33 PM

I'm a retarded jungler.
Got any tips on jungling? I just started jungling like, a week ago. LOL
Anyway, I have several questions I hope you'll be able to answer:
-In what order do we generally kill the jungle monsters? (I might sound like an idiot because I didn't mention a specific champion, but if that question is unanswerable, I want to know the order in which we kill jungle monsters as Jax and Nunu)
-What are some tips for organizing ganks, and where do junglers usually gank from?
-How often do junglers buy wards and how often do they buy oracle elixirs?

Anyway, I'm so bad as a jungler, I let Annie die when she was trying to leash for me after I ran away. LOL
I'm hoping you can answer these questions in a noob-friendly manner, because I'm a ****** with low comprehension skills ;_;

ROKAF JE 02-07-2013 03:21 PM

Both jax and nunu typically start:
wolves -> blue

(farm route)


Jungling is incredibly difficult at such a low level, too. (You're level 5, right?)

Drakojan 02-07-2013 03:30 PM

You shouldn't jungle at level 5. It's just, nearly impossible. You don't have an runes and masteries, so you might get the blue buff, but you'll need to go back to base. Then you'll need another leash for red, then you'll go back to base again. It's too much, you'll be underleveled. PLUS, you'll be putting one of your allies in a 1v2 at level 5. They'll get utterly destroyed. I would stick to laning till like level 20.

ROKAF JE 02-07-2013 04:26 PM

Alternatively, you could lane briefly, build a jungler item and go to town. Downtown Jungletown.

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