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Deathy 02-06-2013 02:39 PM

Guess who I am ; Riddles

Youtube channel will have Riddles, If you want these to keep going!

Link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jfj8BmonSkI

That to my youtube video where you cna leave idea and advice of what you would like to see on the channel

1st Youtube Riddle, Tell me if you like it and want more of those type riddle.


Link to the 1st Video and Yea, let me know!


This be a small forum game , that will have riddles.

It not an offical thing as of right now, it just something i'm testing out

you can only say the champion , and why. Winner will be announced after the new riddle goes up, Winner will be picked at random, for how creative they reply back, over an simple name (example : Werewick,Jenna,Karthus, Sivir, and ect...)

You can post for all 3, but you will be given 1 spot, til an 24 hour pasted to get an 2nd spot you you get correct.

new riddles will be made AFTER all riddles are solved / correct with an disctpion from post on why they think this champion. (on average most riddle will be easy , other will trick you into readin' lores, ability's and think of champion quotes.

I'll post mutli riddle, and sometime they might be for the same champion , riddle be use to discribe their attuides/lores/ability's

There will be no "prizes" other then you post in the "I can riddle you that" (winner) cricle.


Today Riddle

Champion 1

Give me a Price,
I'll kill the person for you,
Give me your Attention,
I'll whip you into shape,

If you leave me,
You will come back,
I can take any hit and live from the other champion specialitys,
And I have an Aura that help my team in battle

I am ...

Champion 2

I Sought the Greatest power,
I Attain it after unlocking it secert,
With unlimited power in my soul,
I can be truely a God,

Summoner stay in my way,
What powers they are hiding?
These other stand no match to me,
But the summoners give them the power i desire,
Summon trust me your power,
And i'll spare you.

I am ...

Champion 3

Summoner i feel Warmth from you,
When i Defend you and my Allys on the battle,
it feels so natrual to me,
If you put the faith in me,
I'll defend you no matter what,

My Childhood friend doesn't wear as much armor as me,
But he is Stronger and more endruence then me,
This armor I own
Are Blessed by the Heaven themself,
All around me that try to kill me Sill be halted by the stun!

I am ...

I can Riddle that ..

Champion 1 winner : DeathInvoker -

Champion 2 winner : DeathInvoker & TheSalmonOfDoubt -

Champion 3 winner : DeathInvoker & TheSalmonOfDoubt -

Old Riddle

Champion 1

I'm an scared mage,
I have vast amount knowlage,
And i have an Secert,
you will have to kill me for it,

I'll show you the shocking truth,
That is beyon the limits,
Armor make me laugh,
Welcome to the end,
and i'll be the grudian to this door of power

I am ...

Champion 2

I strived for Greatness,
And i attain what i desire,
then casted out,
As if it was an sham,

Many think i Ran for my life,
I ran to keep my people alive,
and regain my revange on the foul oath,
Should i Die here,
I hope to regain the honor I've lost.

I am ...

Champion 3

I do not threat pain,
I will not call for help,
I am an Weapon of death for Noxian's,
All under me will die with no fear,

When people see me,
i'm Dark as an Demon,
They will not make an Cry after my Flok attack,
Many see me Brave ,
But other think i'm insane
Which one are you to face me then?

I am ...

I can Riddle that ..


Champion 1 winner : Kendralys -

Champion 2 winner : DeathInvoker -

Champion 3 winner : Kendralys & DeathInvoker -


New riddle soon...
Champion 1

I have an prefect bulls-eye,
I have the Body many desire,
I have an Sasy style, that it seen Cool,
To the boys, Line up boys.
1 by,1...by 1....

HeartSeeker Vayne

Champion 2
I heard You Don't like animals,
Maybe i can change your oppion,
I have an frisky side,
nlike the other girls,
come here ctue cutie boy

Kitty Cat Katarina < Hahaha used An Trick question with an skin only Veterns might knew :P

Champion 3
Bow down to me,
I am the ruler of you,
And all around here,
Kneel before me,
Or i'll kill you myself without Grauds

Queen Ashe

Kendralys 02-06-2013 02:55 PM

Champion 1: Nocturne, the Eternal Nightmare. I believe it's Nocturne because he is mainly a jungler, he lives for darkness, he absorbs those whose fantasies set their hearts ablaze and he will turret dive multiple enemies at once.

Champion 2: Twisted Fate, the Card Master. I believe it's Twisted Fate because you can run faster than him but he can ult to where you are in an instant. He can also ult in to save a teammate who got caught out to turn the fight around. He also calls fate a lady - "Lady Luck is smilin'."

Champion 3: Kayle, the Judicator. I believe it's Kayle because she was of an immortal race. She changed her heart one day, to leave the heavens and defeat her sister Morgana in the Fields of Justice.

EDIT: Didn't notice the drawing. If I may, I'd say Miss Fortune. It looks like she has a hat that is in the shape of Miss Fortune's hat. If it's not Miss Fortune, I'd say Ashe because it also could be her hood.

SabreJ6 02-06-2013 02:55 PM

Champion 1 is Nocturne- Jungler, he came from a nightmare, his ult darkens everything and he even says "Darkness".

Champion 2 is Zilean- He created the league. He can speed someone up, and save an ally from their own death. As for the turtle and rabbit. Zilean is old so you wouldn't expect him to move so fast.

Champion 3 is Morgana- Change of heart. She went from being an Angel to a Dark Angel and was cast down from the heavens.

Deathy 02-06-2013 03:02 PM

Remember you have to Explain why you think an champion fits in that slot givin' an reason , so it isn't consider an spam post/ show how creative you are.

Shinozaki Ayumi 02-06-2013 03:36 PM

Since the first two are answered.

Champion 3: Soraka.

She was once called a god, and was one with the stars. By what it means 'One day I changed my heart,

So did the heavens,'

It means by changing Warwick to werewolf and Grawr and stuff.

AlphaHound 02-06-2013 03:46 PM


Originally Posted by iFCupcake (Hozzászólás 34360610)
Since the first two are answered.

Champion 3: Soraka.

She was once called a god, and was one with the stars. By what it means 'One day I changed my heart,

So did the heavens,'

It means by changing Warwick to werewolf and Grawr and stuff.

Lol, 6 minutes too late xD I agree, probably Soraka

Deathy 02-06-2013 04:11 PM

All 3 are answered, tomarrow i'll have 3 more riddles, and leave them blank til near dawn then i'll answer it.

I added an bonus section for people to guess Champion which won't be noted, it just an random thing i tohught i'll add.

And if there anything else you like added to these type of riddles let me know so i can keep it entrainin' as i'm away/doin' stuff

I live stream, play beta game, LoL matches(and ranked) make youtube videos and ect, so i'm fairly busy myself, and don't want to baby sit the forum - So let me know if there anything you like as an bonus section to keep the forum spicy :)

Deathy 02-07-2013 06:25 AM

new riddles are up,
unlike yesterday i'll leave them blank longer so more people can have chance~

Also even if someone say the champion , you are going say, you can still take the winner spot if you are better at explaining why you think it that champion.

This is an 100% fair game where it not 1st come 1st server, but randomly pick among the correct people (the Riot staff can even compete - and if they don't give a better detail then you, you will still be a winner!)

BlackBeast41 02-07-2013 07:01 AM

3rd champion is Cassiopeia, since she used to be human like her sister Katarina, until she betrayed a man who set a curse on her with his enchanted sword, turning her into a serpent.

PoisonedPeace 02-07-2013 07:23 AM

Champion 1: Tryndamere. His battle cry applies the slow. "My battle cry is loud, make them useless long enough for me to do what i need" His blade is hungry for battle because he is actively seeking revenge on the Noxian assassins that killed his tribe.

Champion 2: Sona. "I'm use to no-one loving me" She was always passed by in the orphanage because she couldn't speak, and she has no memory of her parents. I believe she is also the only champion that cannot speak?

Champion 3: Cassiopeia. Her sister Katarina is rather popular, and her lore is well known. Cass was once a beautiful "diplomat" for Noxus, until one day she broke an oath of secrecy. She turned into a half serpent/half woman, and she departed from Noxus for the League, whcih explains "but alas, i found my new passion on the feild of justice..."

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