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canopy 02-01-2013 01:31 AM

Yorick Nerf Please
I just played a game against a Yorick. I always dread being in lane with Yorick because his minions are a menace and his ultimate is a terror.
However, I usually played against him as a jungler or as a support so I never felt his true power before.

Even though he did counter me, as I was playing Kha'Zix, I find it completely and utterly ridiculous that he can just summon up another version of himself if he is dying.

Not only could I do absolutely no damage to him because I had to hug the turret the whole game (even though that basically did no good either considering his minions can still attack me under there), but the few times when I could actually get out, and had the mana to, do damage to him all he had to do was pull his ultimate and even if he was 1/4 health and I was 3/4 health, he would manage to kill me.

Seriously though, a Yorick nerf is needed. He is seriously the one champion that makes me just want to up and leave the game as soon as I see someone choose him, even if it is seldom.

Jamaree 02-01-2013 01:41 AM

Stop. Just stop, before you go on, do you think maybe...how about you sit down look at his strengths weaknesses, and what is made to do before calling him OP. Maybe JUST maybe he isn't OP, think about why he wouldn't be.

Interceptor09 02-01-2013 01:42 AM

eh, hes a pain but you can deal with him - yea youre prob not going to kill him during lane. but the diversity of champs is one of the things that makes this game so great. not like yorick has a whole lot going for him except being a pita during lane.

Oz SammyD X 02-01-2013 02:35 AM

Sounds to me like you got owned by a Yorick and you immediately come to the conslusion that he is op, typical noob thing to do and ive seen it around here a lot, its not the champ thats op, its that you are bad....

(yeh im harsh but i see this stuff way to much on forums and enough is enough)

Ravenous Geese 02-01-2013 02:39 AM

Why were you trying to force a 1 v 1 against Yorick? Of course he'll beat you, do you know how his E and passive works?

Learn to be patient. Yorick's a lane bully with no late game; survive the lane and you will outscale him. His kill potential in lane is pretty bad too unless his jungler ganks well or his lane opponent is stupid enough to duel him.

Wambol 02-01-2013 02:41 AM

I read the title: "Yorick Nerf Please"
I read your first sentence: "I just played a game against a Yorick."
I see, it is going to be one of these threads.

axxessevan 02-01-2013 07:56 AM

I have been maining yorick recently and i believe although he is an incredibly strong top laner the key thing to do is counter pick him with heroes such as cho, riven, and renek. Also, it is best not to be to aggressive vs a yorick as he has a very strong lane phase and will punish you for being aggresive. Another thing to remember is if you dont feel comfortable with any of his counters, then pick a ranged top and just try very hard to not die and keep up in farm and if you become aware of how he attacks you then prepare for his w before it happens so he cant harrass you. Ask your jungler for an early level 2 gank that can usually put yorick at a pretty serious disadvantage seeing as he normally wont have the lane warded up yet and he should only have his slow which while helpful, wont let him escape from a well orchestrated gank. Yorick is also very prone to pushing too hard so if your against a yorick politely ask your jungler to focus on top as many times yorick will be overextended leaving him very prone to ganks. In conclusion it is best to counter pick either top or a jungle noc or something who can bypass wards with his ultimate, cc is also a very nice thing during ganks. He is not op but you do need to stay aware when playing against a yorick because he can easily punish you for ever mistake you made. hope this helped and good luck in the future against yorick. you can always add me in game and 1v1 me as yorick to learn how to counter him if you'd like always love to help out as much as possible. Again good luck :)

Gadius 02-01-2013 08:02 AM

Here's a link for you... ah sweet yorick counters now I will never be afraid again~ http://www.championselect.net/champ/Yorick

Btw he counters the most annoying top champs available, so I'm guessing you played one of those. I personally use him to counter garen, as most of them have an inflated ego that they can duel any top lane opponent.

StormEagle5000 02-01-2013 09:50 AM


Originally Posted by Ravenous Geese (Hozzászólás 34133334)
Why were you trying to force a 1 v 1 against Yorick? Of course he'll beat you, do you know how his E and passive works?

Learn to be patient. Yorick's a lane bully with no late game; survive the lane and you will outscale him. His kill potential in lane is pretty bad too unless his jungler ganks well or his lane opponent is stupid enough to duel him.

My yorick build hits like a truck late game. He has plenty of late game potential. Carried my team as jungle Yorick last game. 24 kills and most damage dealt. Idk y pple say his late game falls bc mine always gets better.

canopy 02-01-2013 09:59 AM

I'm going to try to answer your replies one by one.

I'm not completely sure what you were trying to say in this sentence. However, I did check out a Yorick guide before getting into the game and I have played against a Yorick before and I know what his abilities are. I didn't blindly go in and attack him every two seconds thinking that I could beat him. I knew that I was going to have a hard time and I did. I always do. Every single time I play against a Yorick (not just as a solo top laner) I have a problem. That is why I made the thread.

I understand that champions have to be diverse and I also understand that some champions are just going to be naturally stronger than others. However, I did NOT try to kill him during laning phase. The only time I would attack him would to be to poke him a bit (while I was under my turret) or if he was attacking my turret. He managed to turret dive me 3 times and kill me. I think that's a bit excessive.

Not only that, but none of my teammates could beat him either. Not even the fed Draven and this was before he had multiple kills (from myself as well as the rest of my team) under his belt.

@Oz SammyD X
If you would have read my post you would know that this is not just coming from one games experience. This has happened to me multiple times.
Also, while I'm not claiming to be the best player ever, I'm definitely not the worst.
Furthermore, "if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all" would apply best here. You can't half-apologize for something that you're willingly doing. It's silly. Either own up to it or don't say it.

@Ravenous Geese
Again, I did not try to force a 1v1 against Yorick. There was only one time when I did and it was after laning phase and also after I had quite a few kills under my belt. The only reason I even tried was because he was trying to take one of our turrets and the rest of my team felt it more important to cs than to actually try to stop him.
I also figured that, with the help of the turret on my side, that I might be able to kill him. Obviously, I was wrong about that.

Isn't that the point of any nerf thread? I'm pretty sure that playing against champions is how you know if they're OP or not.

While I appreciate the well thought out comment and everything that you have said there, let me just reiterate in case you didn't read my other replies.
1. I did not try to force a 1v1 with him
2. I asked my jungler to please give me ganks and he gave me one which didn't even kill Yorick (but instead got both of us killed, under our turret)
3. I can't always counter-pick a champion.

Again, I know that he has his weaknesses, but the fact that the only way most of you are saying that the only way you can even hope to stand up to a Yorick during laning phase is by using one of his counters is saying something. Sure, counters are there for a reason, but I have had plenty of times (like when I played Kha against Jayce-Jayce being a counter for Kha) when I not only did just fine in my lane, but also won it. While I'm not saying it should have been easy for me to kill Yorick I'm am saying that if I am standing under my turret with full health and he can get me down to 1/3 health without even being hit by my turret once it's a bit disheartening.

Again, I would really like to know how all of you ALWAYS get to counter the opposing team's top lane picks because.
Counters are great and obviously if I had the chance to counter him I wouldn't have counter picked myself. That is just silly. However, there are some times when the top laner gets first pick and not only that, they get first pick and can't trade with anyone else.
I'm really not sure how you all find this as a viable way (and one of the only mentioned) to face a Yorick considering it's not always possible.
Furthermore, the only time I have ever even seen a Yorick picked is when he is countering someone else.

Also, in relation to your example about Garen, I was playing Kha Zix who is a fairly OP champion himself (if you know how to play/build him correctly). I don't have an ego the size of Texas nor do I ever intend on getting one. As I have previously stated, I know I am not the most awesome player in the world, but I also know that I am not the worst player in the world either.
That being said, I think it's ridiculous how easily he took me down, having countered me or not.

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