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deadheld 01-31-2013 07:27 PM

Darius needs a rework
I just lost a game while my team had almost twice as many kills as the other team.
this is because darius gold starved both kat and rengar.
darius had 40 kills. Darius became tank-ish but without enough armor or mr to stay alive.
darius could sorta burst but not enough burst to really make a difference in a team fight.
whereas if darius had only 20 kills, and kat and rengar got the an extra 10 kills each we kat and rengar wouldve had enough damage to do something, and darius still could've been as effective as he was with 40 kills with 20 kills.

but in this case we ended up with 3 nonperson on our team
Kat-not enough gold to do anything but die

rengar-not enough gold to do anything but die

Darius-not enough damage or tankiness to help our team (health doesnt make you a tank if you havent bought any mr and armor items)

with all champions you eventually reach a point of diminishing returns on gold, that point is around 20k and then you've basically got 6 expensive items.
however its much better for all your team to be moderately fed than for a frikkin bruiser to be hyper fed for late game.

The rework I propose for Darius is a complete rework. either we make him into a full tank(less base damage and scaling and more cc's on his skills along with increased base mr and armor) or we make him into a full assassin( less health slightly more as and less armor and mr). so he doesn't eat all the kills then build into a useless pseudo tank. He can still have the same basic kit just tweak it a little.

Lets face it bruiser darius is just a burden on the game. He can get tons of kills but he doesn't bring enough to the team to justify all of the gold.
he is basically a noob trap. seems really good solo but really just detracts from the team as a whole

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