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Natsu Ðragneel 01-31-2013 03:13 PM

Sion Guide

Will like if people can look at and tell me how i did on it because its my first guide.

Herp Derpingston 01-31-2013 08:23 PM

Give in depth talks about how you play him and why you chose each item in your build, to start.

Eloquid 02-01-2013 02:43 AM

Wanted to check but the link doesn't go to your guide.

Natsu Ðragneel 02-01-2013 05:38 AM

The link does work Eloquid.

In the ''Read Author Notes'' sections i tell why i chose the items.

Puffball 02-01-2013 05:57 AM

I don't like blackfire torch on him. I would instead use that slot as a situational item. Abyssal/void staff/DFG i feel would all be good. abyssal for some MR, void staff for high MR and DFG for no MR.

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