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Ignomonious 01-31-2013 03:11 PM

Shaco - Any tips for an aspiring jungler?
So the concept of Shaco I've found awesome for quite awhile now. I've played him alot, mostly jungling, but being a low level and being generally pretty **** with him I haven't gotten the optimal set-up for him(Runes, masteries etc)

I'm looking for tips on how to play him more effectively. I know that

+He has pretty nasty ganks. His stealth mechanic is a pain in the ass.
+His Blue Clear is ridiculously fast unless boxes are ****ed with
+He is quite mobile
+One of the strongest/Most annoying counter junglers

but on the other hand
-He's pretty squishy
-No natural sustain, so after boxes go down he's on his own
-Although not focused moreso on farming, his clear can be pretty slow if you dont get those madreds procs(And before that slower if, for some reason you choose not to gank)

That's pretty much the extent of my knowledge of him. I want to get better with him and thus be more of a threat rather than that Shaco that can't gank because he ****ed his jungle and is underlevelled/underfarmed/low hp/whatever

Suteki 02-01-2013 02:08 AM

Hey, I play Shaco jungle and had much success with him but Riot just nerfed him like **** this recent patch.

Here's how I build Shaco:
I typically just use ArmPen/Aspd runes on him

and the items that I had LOTS of success is Statikk Shiv. Do get this as your first item after upgraded boots and lantern. Your deceive will hurt like **** , then on from the core 3 items of Jungler shaco, (upgraded boots,lantern,statikk), it really is situational depending on your opponents.
Usually I like to get IE after the core, or maybe Maws if you're dealing with heavy AP or Mallet if you need some health.
All in all it really depends on the situation,
I hope this helps :)

DaftBomber 02-01-2013 02:36 AM

Im a low elo player. Started silver and played ranked games way before I probably should have. However I main jungle and use shacco quite alot.
Suteki has it right about wriggles boots and shiv. Those three are your main build. Again as he stated its pretty much open from there. However I prefer to build him similar to an adc after those. I generally go Infinity Edge next or Bloodthirster depending if you are fed or not similarly how you would with an adc. Then I go zeal into phantom dancer then of course Guardian Angel.
Its general concensus that Shacco can help snowball lanes and is a strong ganker early game but falls off late game.....unless he snowballs himself. I generally try to get a first blood in the first three minutes to start snowballing. I do one of two things. I sometimes start at whichever buff is top and at level 2 pick up decieve and immediately gank top lane. In this instance you want your teammate to initiate a 1v1 fight and you decieve in to burst. I also have had alot of success in ganking my oppossing jungle at his second buff. In this instance you may need a bit of a leash but drop first box wolves at 41 sec then drop boxes at blue like normal. Kill wolves and blue and because of your quick clearing run across river to thier red. Kill lizard elder and you are at three. Then sit in bush and wait for thier jungle to go red decieve in and kill. Easy first blood and procced to counter jungle.
I hope this helps you

Uncanny Doom 02-01-2013 03:35 AM

Try to gank early and often. Shaco is a jungler that excels in laning phase but falls off later because he doesn't team fight very well. He is an exceptional split pusher (so try to do that when you can) but just try to be making some kind of play when the game is in it's early stages. If they have a jungler try to invade and steal buff and/or kill them. If they don't then gank the 2v1 lane and help it before anything goes wrong. Gank lanes that push, gank lanes that are easier to gank pre-6 (Nidalee, Olaf, Teemo, etc.), gank lanes that don't take Flash (this happens a lot at low levels), gank lanes that don't take pots (this also happens at low levels), hell, gank lanes that have enemy champions in the lanes.

Just do anything other than afk farm with Shaco. You shouldn't just try to farm up jungle unless it's a rare case where your laners are constantly pushing or winning too hard to need your help.

LeBIink 02-03-2013 06:49 AM

I don't main jungle shaco, but I do play shaco from time to time. (Just scored a penta yesterday XD hilarious:D) My jungle route is start off wolf with help from team, blue with boxes(red if u want, but i prefer blue), gank top or bottom depending if ur purple or blue team, if no need to gank, take enemy golems (you should have your smite cuz u use boxes for aura), check map and c if u can gank, if not, check enemy red, if not taken, place boxes 1-2 and leave, u won't be able to take it and they won't die (maybe force flash, but enemy will come for u. After that u should go back to your wolf and clear your own jungle.
I build hunter blade first then basic boots, then grab the gold gain crit thing (forgot name :P), rush lantern and statik (or mobility shoes, ur choice), after that I grab king of ruin for more sustain (because as a shaco, you don't wanna constantly go back for hp but u wanna gank or join in a team fight, leave after hurt and come back asap, and its generally better to gank with high health) After that i just work on IE, then its GA most likely (never had a game that far yet :P) but last whisper is good too if they are quite tanky or they grab oracle, then GA will be pointless.
Always Always use your boxes in bushes for gap closing, prevent enemy jungler to gank your lanes. Use E when they run. Q is just engage and get out, ofcourse the damage is nice. R, pop it in a gank if enemy is quite extended so it will make the cast worth it, don't try to do it in a 1v2 unless there is incoming teamate. If ur fighting a semi squishy or squishy, totally use it unless they are AoE burst like Swain or Ryze.

NightmareRofls 02-03-2013 11:52 AM

The jungle path you should take with shaco
Big Wraith (Leave the small ones for a couple seconds)
Red (With 3 boxes setup, should put the first box in wraith camp at 0:45 sec)
Go straight to blue (took a smiteless red)
Gank top/mid
Finish clearing
continue to gank

Qsario 02-03-2013 08:08 PM

One trick I've seen Shaco pull off well is that after a failed gank, they pretend to walk out through the lane, then deceive, go back and catch them off guard.

SeCKS Egai 02-03-2013 10:03 PM

One thing to keep in mind in any role is team comp. Shaco is most effective as an assassin eliminating high value targets quickly. If your team comp is relatively squishy, he can end up being a bad pick as your team may lack a solid tank/bruiser to take some hits. In a "squishy" team comp, you'll need to help your lanes dominate early otherwise you'll probably lose out on the trade in the teamfights.

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