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shucheng cao 01-31-2013 11:01 AM

Small changes can make some champions awesome!
Her E push enemies backwards and deals some damage. If her E pushed her sphere, the sphere will stun all enemies it hits, however there is no extra damage.
If her E hits spheres and the sphere stunned any units, the units should take some extra damage based on the amount of spheres hit him.

This change will not make syndra a lot stronger, however it makes her a lot easier to use (you don’t have to aim your Q if you are going to stun your enemy)

She needs to start the team fight with her ult instead of join the team fight any time with her ult. (which is okay). However she is no longer able to dragon, baron or buffs steals with her ult.

Set a minimum damage for her ult (like Mundo’s Q). Keep her ult damage in % but change her ult ratio into flat damage instead of %. Add some AD ratio to her ult to make her more suitable for hybrid or AD (so she becomes even more interesting as there will be more ways to build her)

This allows evelynn to kill people who are running away with extremely low health and able to steal baron or dragon.

His Q does damage after 3 seconds, if he places 2 bombs, the first one will explode immediately.

You can click Q again to allow your bomb explode at any time (before 3s ends). The longer you leave the bomb, the higher its damage. If you place two bombs on the same target, the first bomb will explode immediately with the maximum damage.

Zilean is a great AP carry, however he has only one damage spell. After this change, zilean will become a lot more interesting. I guess Death fire might also become a suitable item for zilean to increase his burst damge if the change is made.

Like gragas, her E can only be activated after it lands on the target location.

She can activate her E an any time after she throws it, she can explode her light even the light hasn’t land on the target location.

She can use ult on enemy far away and eaily kill him if no one blocked cait’s ult.

Cait aims at a target, she can reclick on her ult to make her ready to fire the bullet (the bullet will fire next second). The longer she aims, the higher the damage.

So cait can do tons of damage with her ult if she waits but the longer you aim, the more likely enemy is prepared to block the bullet. Cait is also able to double click her ult to fire the bullet in 1 second, the damage will be lower in this way, but enemy will not have enough time to react so they are less likely to block the bullet.

He used his Q, he can only click on his Q again to explode his cask after his Q lands on his target location.

He can activate his Q at any time after he throws it, he can explode his cask even the cask is still rolling.

I think this is a smart change. This will not make him a lot stronger, but this change will definitely help!

Her ult blows enemies away immediately (last for 4 seconds). She heals nearby allies 90/110/150hp (+0.35ap) per second.
Her ult blows enemies away immediately and keep blowing enemies away every one second(last for 3 seconds). She heals nearby allies 100/200/300hp (+0.35ap) per second. The maximum heal on the same ally is 200(+0.35ap), 350(+0.35ap), 500(+0.35ap).
Janna’s ult can be stopped by any control spells even root.(slow doesn’t count)

This makes janna’s ult a lot more useful. Although they healing time is reduced, and the amount of healing is reduced. It can knock back enemies three times instead of one and heals more in the first 1 second. This change will make janna a lot more aggressive. She will become so powerful when using ult in jungles. She will be able to change the result of a team fight if she used her ult correctly. One bad thing about this change is that janna’s ult will become even easier to stop as root can stop her ult continues.

Annie is a lot better than before, I don’t think she has any huge problems, but I believe there are certain changes can be made to her to make her more suitable to be chosen in ranked games.


Thought the rework started last year, when is it going to finish?!!!!

Poppy is a good champion, but she can be quite boring to play with in normal games. Please do some changes to her to make her more interesting.

I heard her rework is on the way, right?!

….Waitng for a rework

Do something! I haven’t seen him for ages.

Do something to make him more competitive.

It’s so hard to counter jungle now. she can’t gank well. She can’t top lane well. If you don’t make her a extremely high speed jungler, not many people will play her in the future.

Plz tell me what do you think about my suggestions XD, and write some comments if possible.

x Animus x 01-31-2013 01:08 PM

I stopped reading after you thought lux could detonate her Snare before it lands, Its her E that is the lightbulb

RockJockey 01-31-2013 01:20 PM

I see some good suggestions here. The biggest problems some champions have is their CDs are so long.

shucheng cao 02-01-2013 03:21 AM


Originally Posted by xAniimusx (Hozzászólás 34100936)
I stopped reading after you thought lux could detonate her Snare before it lands, Its her E that is the lightbulb

.... Srry, i knew it's E, i copied and paste from gragas.... and i forgot to change it. XD thanks for pointing it out.

shucheng cao 02-01-2013 12:12 PM


Originally Posted by RockJockey (Hozzászólás 34101389)
I see some good suggestions here. The biggest problems some champions have is their CDs are so long.


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