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AdenwaY 01-31-2013 10:15 AM

im lvl 30 but need mentor. :( dont judge
i've been play for about 8 to 9 months and lvl 30. i main annie and play other mids like cass., lux, orianna. im decent with annie, but i know i should be a lot better with her and mid lane in general. my goal is to be better at all lanes and teamfights.

my problems in this game are:
-i need MUCH better map awreness
-i cant play melee champs (lasting hitting, item build, teamfights, etc.)
-i need to be able to last hit with champs other than annie
-all i can decently play is mid lane

i havent gotten better with help from friends and family (no offense, i love y'all). i try to play by myself (even in bot games) but if you arent an expert with that champ (even when you say you are new to a champ), people get mad, get rude, stop trying and blame the loss on me (i know people can be mean, but i cant get any better by being told how much of a noob i am)

i need a mentor who can give me in-game advice. i want to fix my problems so i can be a better player and so can play with my husband, have fun and not suck so darn bad. SOMEONE HELP ME!!! XD

thank you for your time and consideration. pls dont judge or troll :(

xspydaxjakex 01-31-2013 10:17 AM

i could help you out, send me an add, xspydaxjakex
i main top and mid lane characters

Darth Malus 01-31-2013 11:10 AM

If you are mid lane, ROAM! That will open up a new stage of the game for you.

JuNgLeCraZie 01-31-2013 11:35 AM

I think u should just focus on one lane because in ranked or higher play you are only going to be focusing on one lane. So just get better with the mid champs and counter picking against the other team and such and focus on that do not worry about other lanes.

Romantic Metro 01-31-2013 01:30 PM

Try bot games for practice with farming and stuff. I know it's tempting to kill the bots they are easy, just don't. Practice moving around and getting last hits. Also just choose 1-3 champs per lane to practice when your not queing with a friend. Even learn the jungle a lil bit and look up guides that teach the basics as well as specific clearings for the champs you want. Also get champs that played a lot and champs that are wild card like. Having that variety makes this game much more fun. I'm still learning myself but I like to think I have a basic understanding and improving in this game. I understand the roles and etc, and now it's just practicing farm score and learning how to properly time harassments. Then in team fights knowing your role and knowing when you can take a team on ie: staying at their mid lane turret sometimes it's best just to back off and push lanes and buy. I wish you good luck and if we ever que I would be happy to answer questions and vice versa. Sometimes you plateau even in games so it just takes a new perspective to get past it. Wish you good luck mate!

Don Ring 01-31-2013 01:39 PM

The best mentors you can have in my opinion is watching the pro players. Doing this alone has improved my gameplay enormously. Observe how they move, ward, team fight etc. If one of them is playing a champion you like or are interested in, observe how they build and learn not only to develop a decent build, but learn how to build in a situational manner depending on what your opponents are building and which ones are most dangerous. Observe every position as well so that you can pick up on how to play other roles. The best player is a team player that can fill any position comfortably. As for map awareness, it will come, but really focus on trying to look back and forth between the map and the game. Its just a brief glance.
Good luck.

AdenwaY 01-31-2013 02:22 PM

@Darth Malus: ty! ive tried to roam but im usually either not fast enough or i die trying to help :(. let me know if you havesome tips on how to successfully roam.

@ MrMetro: ty! it helps a bit, but i feel like bot games arent helping me anymore.

@Don Ring: i watch A LOT of pros plays/streams(ex: TSM, CRS), and read all sorts of guides (ex: solomid, mobafire, lolpro) but it doesnt seem to help me. I can know what to buy but when to buy is another story.

Aisher 01-31-2013 02:29 PM

add me "Aisher" i'm not realy good, but i can help you to improve a litle for sure. I like to play for fun, so no rage for lose a game : P

Don Ring 01-31-2013 02:32 PM

Well dude, all I can say is that it will all come with experience. Just keep playing and trying.

Romantic Metro 01-31-2013 02:37 PM

The bot games are more for learning the feel of a champ to not only better yourself with them and see if you like them which will answer one part of your question, but it will give you a better understanding against them as well. Knowing a cd (cooldown) on a darius or kat is much better. Also to know when they are most vulnerable what you have to be careful for playing as kat, darius, etc. After that it really depends on how you play are you very conservative or are you aggressive? Attempt to play a different way with a champ might help open the perspective door for you. Also notice a game changer play.

For example: I played a warwick jung and the other team had a ryze mid and a soraka support bot and she warded between the wraiths and red while we were at blue. This may be common in the higher games like ranked, but this was definitely new to me. Ryze saw me and I was not aware of the ward he ganked me on wraiths I burnt my flash, and then he waited till I went to red. After I got the red he ganked me from the bush I had checked beforehand and not only picked up a kill, but got blue and red buff. It sucked as it set me back and got him ahead mid game. So now when I know a jung champ is going for blue first I will periodically ward between the red and wraiths and it has worked fairly well for my mid champ partner. He gets his kill and buffs for sustain and damage for that lane. Also don't rely on the support to ward everything it takes a team effort to ward. Though I'm not implying you do that to begin with but it is always good to point that out for just in case.

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