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JygenGod 01-31-2013 06:20 AM

Favorite/Unknown Metal Core Bands
Anyone who plays LOL listen to Metal Core or the likes. I do and I was hoping maybe we could introduce each other to new bands that we havent heard of. Ill start it off, I found this band through my one of my friends on facebook. I think they have real potential and sound amazing.

Band Name: Breaching Normandy

Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/Gmthreep...ew=0&flow=grid

coffee addict 01-31-2013 06:21 AM

check out Volumes if you haven't heard of them yet

JygenGod 01-31-2013 06:22 AM

will do, be sure to check out Breaching Normandy. I want to know what other people think of them.

KonFewShuN 01-31-2013 06:34 AM

my favorite metalcore bands are the ones i don't ever have to hear.

Easy Pickins 01-31-2013 08:27 AM

Core sucks, go listen to real metal.

Edit: I checked the link, it's like bands these days can't be original or creative and have to copy better bands. It sounds like a cheaper version of Darkest Hour.

Memorylame 01-31-2013 01:49 PM

I clicked the link just to find out what 'metalcore' was...

The Shrink 02-01-2013 10:08 AM

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