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Lunet The Herald 01-29-2013 08:20 PM

Raidcall Weekly League of Legends Open#1
Hello lovely ladies and gents, Lunet here from TDTV here to announce a new tourney from the people at Raidcall! The post below pretty much explains everything and includes a direct link to their signups. This is a cash prize tourney and the first time they are running one for LoL so lets try and make the opening tourney a good one!

We'll be streaming the semis and finals from this tourney every week.

Tuesdays 8pm est: twitch.tv/TowerDiveTV

Direct Signup Link: http://netolic.tv/index.php?site=cup...tails&cupID=10


64 teams or more = $100.00 - 1st place $100.00
128 teams or more = $200.00 - 1st place $150.00 2nd place $50.00
256 teams or more = $350.00 - 1st place $200.00 2nd place $100.00 3rd place $50.00

NOTE:These numbers are based on how many full teams actually show up for their matches and are inside their designated room in the RaidCall channel.

Game mode:5v5

The format of the tournament is Single elimination. By groups of 64 teams each, all rounds before the semi-finals will be best of one, with the final two rounds consisting of best of three matches. The Ro64 and Ro32 will take place on Tuesday. The Ro16 and Ro8 will take place on Thursday. The semi-finals will be on Saturday and the finals will take place on Sunday.

Dates and Times:
Start Date is February 4th and will go through February 10th of 2013
8:00pm EST (5:00pm PST and 02:00 CET)
Each member of the participating teams should be inside RaidCall Room # 5395609 in their assigned room 30 minutes before their match.

If you already downloaded and installed the software you can just click here and you will be directed to the channel

Tardiness will be tolerated for a maximum of 10 minutes. If one team is not complete with their 5 players inside their room, the win will be given to the opposing team if they have their full roster (if this occurs in a best of three match, the second game will begin when both teams are ready to proceed). If both teams fail to be complete: in a best of one, neither will progress to the next round; in a best of three, the match will be reduced to a best of one format.
In a best of three, after 30 minutes delay, the opposite team will get both wins and move on to the next round. If both teams fail to be complete during the 30 minutes after the tournament has started, both teams will be removed from the tournament and will get 1 week penalty, meaning they can’t participate in the next Weekly tournament.
Repeated offenses, bad behavior/irresponsibility, or other things that could negatively affect the tournament can also result in being banned from the current and upcoming tournaments.


Every team must follow this setting or will be disqualified by the organizers and admins.
Lobby Name: The password will be given in your designed room inside RaidCall
Game Name: The same as the name inside your room in RaidCall
Server Location: NA
Game Mode: 5v5 Tournament Draft
Blue vs Red Side: Is determined by the seeding on the brackets, seeding is randomized.
Spectators: Enabled for approved casters only. No friends or randoms will be allowed to spectate

Series: Best of 1
Semi-finals: Best of 1
Finals: best of 3
NOTE: Only official Staff or Broadcasters from Tower Netolic TV or Dive TV can be as spectator in your games or in the broadcast channels, no one else is allowed to be in this matches aside the mentioned

Scores and Reports:

After your games are over the team captain of each team should inform it to our designated Admins in your group, providing the game ID and screenshot if possible.
Bugs or problems inside the game same as disputes or teams not showing up on time, must be reported to the designated admin of the group with screenshots explaining the group and match

NOTE: Scores may take some time to be updated so please be patient


Every team must be complete with their full roster inside of RaidCall before and during their matches.

Teams are allow to have 2 max standby players but they must be the same ones as in the website with the right in game name if there is a player standby that wasn’t registered he/she won’t be counted or allowed to play the match, the opposite team must make sure about this before starting their game fail to do this a later complaint won’t be valid.
Every team must be register with their full roster in www.netolic.tv with the corresponding in game name.

Please keep good behavior and respect the players failing to do this, will get some serious consequences

All Chat should only be used by the team captain, spamming or using it for mocking/insulting the other team or bad behavior would also get penalty and could cost the game or even get banned from the tournament.

The Admin has the final word in any ruling related to the tournament.

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