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VGKoopa 01-28-2013 11:42 AM

dual character match alt colors
Hello, don't know if this should go here or in some other support forum section but I've had a little bit of concern regarding mirror matches (garren vs. garren, Wu Kong v Wu Kong etc etc.) when I started out in LoL.

The main issue I've encountered is that for the most part both characters on the field are exactly identical which I believe for the most part until you spot the character and spot their ally/enemy health is confusing at a first glance. in the heat of a team fight early on it's easy to lose track of two garrens when you're focusing on a single enemy on one side of the fight then suddenly switching targets and finding out you're trying to target the ally teemo instead of the enemy teemo.

Now I know that Riot offer alternate skins that counter this issue to a point. but the same issue arises say that two Olafs decide to roll out Brolaf skins. I propose an alternate color scheme for default skins on characters. why not a yellow clothed ahri to fight the standard red clothed ahri? an orange fizz for a blue? something that would let the player see and instantly recognize that "YES! that is the enemy blitzcrank!" the moment they pop on screen. I think it would help new and old players a lot and clear up initial confusion.

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