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bdawg001 01-28-2013 10:42 AM

@Riot, Thank You For Making Thresh
Riot, you really have outdone yourselves with this one. In my opinion, Thresh is the best champion you have released in a long while, and he's almost perfectly balanced to boot!
I don't understand why people are saying he's UP or badly designed when he's an excellent top and an even better support, so I will dedicate this thread to pointing out to those people that this is, in fact, a well-created, well-balanced champion.
First, for those who complain about Thresh's AP ratios and damage on his abilities: are you kidding me? He isn't an AP mage who uses his abilities mainly for damage. He is a tank who uses his Q passive to harass and then initiate with his Q active. He then keeps the target engaged through the use of Flay and The Box.
TL;DR He isn't designed to be a really damaging champ so stop complaining about it.
Second, I hate it when people think just because his Q passive gives him more damage on his autoattack means that he should be built as an AD Carry. NO!Use common sense here guys. His autoattack "enhancer" is for harassing and farming (in top only). This is so that he CANdo some damage, otherwise he would have to use utility spells for damage which wouldn't make any sense.
TL;DR Stop building him as an AD carry because that isn't what his Q is for.
Third, people need to stop saying that his ult doesn't have enoughCC. His whole kit has enough CC! The Box is amazing if used right and is the icing on this CC layered cake! His kit without The Box is amazingly full of CC as it is and keep a target engaged. The Box is simply to make sure that the ADC/Jungler can get to the target, or to make a blockade so that chasing enemies will not catch up to your team mates if something goes wrong in a teamfight.
TL;DR Stop complaining about his ult. It is amazing when paired with the rest of his kit.
THE TOTAL TL;DR: Thresh is an amazing champion (so well designed!) so stop complaining about him being UP.

bdawg001 01-28-2013 11:35 AM


bdawg001 01-28-2013 12:13 PM

I'm surprised no one wants to argue the point after all the QQ that's been flying around the forums...

Keitterman 01-28-2013 01:09 PM


Originally Posted by bdawg001 (Hozzászólás 33988581)
I'm surprised no one wants to argue the point after all the QQ that's been flying around the forums...

Sorry, bad champ is bad.
It isn't like they can really fix it either, because they gave him too much utility he can't have both utility AND output.

I'm sure they meant well, but he just doesn't stack up to all the other supports out there.

He's fun. I give him that, but I wouldn't take him in to ranked if my Elo depended.. oh yeah...

I've seen people use thresh in about every way possible, and he gets shut down every time. Only time i've seen thresh win was vs another thresh.

I've even had games where people are like "OMG I can't belive he can do that! so broken!!" *thresh has been slain* x3 'Well he is pretty broken, he just sucks too"

how do you explain that? He's too situational, and doesn't add enough stats to the team because of all his utility.

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