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Frostbite Snipes 01-27-2013 08:31 PM

[Champion Concept] Vha'Xath, The Mind of the Void

Health - 440(+80 per level)
Health Regen - 7.5 per five seconds(+1.0 per five seconds per level)
Attack Damage - 50(+3.5 per level)
Attack Speed - 0.643(+2.5% per level)
Mana - 400(+ 50 per level)
Mana Regen - 7.5 per five seconds(+0.50 per five seconds per level)
Armor - 15(+4.0 per level)
Magic Resist - 30(+1.25 per level)
Basic Attack Range - 150
Movement Speed - 360.

Passive - Lying Sight

After using an ability, Vha'Xath becomes stealthed for 1.0 second, 10/9/8/7/6 second cooldown(lowering at levels 6, 11 and 16). Additionally, Vha'Xath appears to be a random ally to enemies 800 or more range away from Vha'Xath(including on the mini map).

Hallucinogen Cooldown - 15/13/12/11/10 seconds. Range - 550. Mana Cost - 80/90/100/110/120.

Fires a powerful venom at an opponent(point and click), dealing 70/90/125/175/200(, +1.2 AP) physical damage over four seconds, reducing their sight range to 300 and removing all ally vision for 1/1.5/2/2.5/3 seconds.

Image Blast/Panic Blast Cooldown - 7/6/5/4/3 seconds. Range - 650. Mana Cost - 70/80/90/100/110.

Passive : Switches between Image Blast and Panic Blast every cast.

Active : Image Blast fires a red beam skillshot that does not collide with anything and refunds mana cost after disappearing, also reveals the area it travels through. Panic Blast fires the same red beam, but not able to go through minions and champions, and dealing 50/70/100/125/150(+1.2 of bonus AD, +0.5 of AP) physical damage to all units in a small area around the impact. *Image Blast is the non-damaging one, Panic Blast is the damaging one*

Illusion Strike Cooldown - 20/19/18/17/15 seconds. Range - 900. Mana Cost - 60/70/80/90/100.

Stealths Vha'Xath for two seconds and sends a clone(with his current HP bar, targetable for attacks) running forward in a selected direction and through minions for two seconds(or until HP of clone is depleted), then exploding to deal 50/60/70/80/100(+ 0.8 of bonus AD, +.5 of AP) physical damage to all nearby enemies. Also powers up Vha'Xaths next auto attack to fear the enemy damaged for 1.0 second. (Effect is available for five seconds).

Lucid Nightmare Cooldown - Gains a stack every 30 seconds. Up to three stacks. Mana Cost - 100/130/150.

Select an enemy, consumes a stack. Glowing blue orbs(like a mana potion) come off of an enemy and they receive a debuff to show they are selected with Lucid Nightmare. Over three seconds, more and more blue orbs come off an enemy until they are covered in blue. The blue turns white and detonates, dealing 100/125/150(+0.5 of AD) damage and fearing the opponent for 1.0 second. Placing multiple stacks on the same opponent multiplies the damage by 50%(of original amount) and multiplies the fear by 50%(of original amount) for each extra stack. (This multiplies the damage to a much larger and more reasonable amount for a duel and makes the fear 2.0 seconds instead of 1.0(or 1.5 seconds for only 2 stacks), the maximum increased fear and damage is x2). Detonation timer is not reset on putting multiple stacks on the same target.

Additionally, Vha'Xath gains a shield = to half the damage dealt by Lucid Nightmare for 4 seconds. If stacks were placed on multiple opponents, Vha'Xath gains stacking shields = to half the damage dealt to each opponent.


Why try to save a world you are no longer part of? -Vha'Xath, to Kassadin.

The void, a place of mystery, and terror. The creatures of the void want nothing more than to step foot in Runeterra. Finally, it appears that time draws near.

Upon opening a path from the void to Runeterra with his reality-bending powers, Vha'Xath found himself trapped there, his portal closed, none of his allies being able to get through the portal fast enough. In rage that his plan had failed, he looked to the one who had interfered. The creature resembled that of the void in a way to Vha'Xath, but not completely. Vha'Xath attacked the creature with his illusionary powers and batted at him for hours, and the creature defended himself and fought Vha'Xath off with his own powers. Both felt weak and stopped the battle, Vha'Xath backed away and asked the creature his name, before fleeing the area.

I am Kassadin. I have seen your world, and will not let it infest mine! -Kassadin, to Vha'Xath.

After the skirmish with the void-like being, Vha'Xath decided to have what he considers 'fun'. In an attempt to stop one of the great nations of Runeterra from existing, he used his reality-bending powers to travel back in time to what Ionia was before it was Ionia, just a town, but still a part of future Ionia. He decided to start with that. Attacking it, taking his time, and enjoying it, the townsfolk became more worried and paranoid of attacks as time went on. Finally, one stood to protect the town, but to no avail. Vha'Xath had 'fun' with him, and moved back to destroying the town. He did not account for how persistent the brave warrior would be, this person, still standing to fight him, even after his home had been destroyed. Vha'Xath became annoyed at this creature standing against him to persistently. After a battle, which ended n Vha'Xath being beaten in a test of strength and straightforward battling, he seemed to be stuck in a bad place. Vha'Xath, annoyed that he had been pushed to his limit by such a weak being, cursed the warrior's name, before cloaking himself, and replacing him self with a clone, which was going to explode. Vha'Xath decided that it would be more fun to save the warrior, and fight him at a later time. So, he detonated the clone, just before the warrior could destroy and detonate it himself, though instead of exploding, the warrior and clone both turned to stone. This drained Vha'Xath of his energy, and he could not finish what he set out to do, destroy Ionia before it would exist. He used his remaining energy to travel back to his own time, and joined the League of Legends to meet his void allies. He secretly sapped power from Nexus's when ever he could to gain back his lost power for some time, until being at full power again.

"You have the honor of witnessing my full strength, occursed warrior...." - Vha'Xath, to the warrior.

Look - I imagine him looking like Kha'Zix, but with Claws, not scythes, and wings from the start, wings that he doesn't use....Also, black, not purple.

DryRun 01-28-2013 03:17 PM

here is a few things;

Passive - a brief stealth is ok. Can i now assume he is an assassin? a few notes on that - his ms i think is high and his range is large for normal melee.
But why the stat swap? i think it serves no purpose, for people new to the game its deliberately confusing, if you do know the game you know that if his AD is 2790, thats probly HP and if something is 0 its most likely AP since he barely scales with that. It wont by hard to unscramble and is therefor just pointlessly confusing.

Q - Not too bad, i wouldnt have it fading in and out, just have an effect, let it happen, then make it stop.

W - I dont know why you have an ability that 50% of the time does nothing....im lost here.

E - Good move, on an assassin, IE wukong, but look at your skills compare you skill to wukongs in
and i think you will find your spell is considerably more powerful.
R - Ok i guess. when do you use this? just whenever its up on anyone on their team?

Overall, im not sure what this guys is supposed to do on team. I would give him some more work.
Check out the excellent guides here on ability sinergy and champcrafting.

Frostbite Snipes 01-28-2013 04:27 PM

Good questions, and I have some answers for some of them, and thank you for the feedback!

The passive is simply meant to confuse people. The HP does not swap with other stats, it just scrambles its self. The other stats swap around. It's meant to confuse opponents and make you look intimidating. Stats like armor and magic resist can be confusing when swapped with each other, if you have 300 movement speed and 100 attack, that would be pretty confusing too, and it would be all around just confusing.

The Q and W are meant to go good together, you Q them, and that gets their attention. You have to focus more on things when your vision is restricted, and if it fades in and out that will surprise them more and make them have to focus more. The HP damage over time just adds to it. Then you W, using Image Blast, and it goes through the minions. They know Panic Blast is very strong, and with all the focusing they have to do and their attention being away from other things, they see what they think is panic blast flying through everything about to hit them, they panic and move out of the way of their minions, and out of position. If you max it first then three seconds later you can be in front of them from all their panicing and their attention being occupied, and panic blast them, dealing a lot of damage.

E is meant to help you with the above statement of getting them out of position, getting in front of them and dealing high damage. You throw a clone towards them, and stealth walking in the same direction. The clone blows up, you unstealth, and deal a high damage basic attack to them. It's also for escapes. Clone distracts them running one direction while you run the opposite way.

The ultimate is for helping in escapes, and mostly for teamfights. After three seconds you can deal damage to three people and fear them all for a short time.

And this may be hard to understand, but this is mostly based around playing mind games and being annoying. But maybe I should make the Q a continuous vision restrict. I also added some more AP ratios for him to have a reason to have some AP to be confusing.

OuttaControl56 01-28-2013 11:28 PM

I am here.

First off:

The ult is called blitzkrieg? I get the reference but why for a being that tampers with sight? A tad bit picky on my part. I'm sure you can find something that sticks with his theme.. : P

For the passive, I like the brief stealth and it makes his poke pretty nasty. Almost ridiculous since he can Q and the walk away without any damage thanks to his passive.

The Extra "mixing of stats" is just weird and the enemy team (if they're smart) can see through it. Just look at his item build and the person in lane can take notes on how much damage Vha'Xath has taken. Also it makes every attack look like it does double the damage xP

The Image blast is pretty powerful, a mini-Hawkshot for no cost? Pretty good anti-jungling/facechecking tool. At least the enemy team can see it though.

The clone is cool but in some aspects more tell-tale than the Wukong clone. A clone that walks a singular direction? When champs see the clone walk into a wall they'll realize something is up xP

But I can totally see how it helps you juke during a gank. Just walk right past the jungler into the river while they chase your clone back to the tower. They take tower hits, you walk free. Not bad.

What I really would love to see is some mana costs in here. His sustain in lane would be nice to see.

And since you're such a fan of Void champs, I think you'd like to check out my concept!


Ansarum 01-28-2013 11:59 PM

So many void champions at once! http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/...0#post34011390 (my void-esque champion) I guess we are all on the same page in that aspect lol. anywho time to get down to the niddy griddy.

first off I do get that he is an assassin type but what role would he play in early game mechanics? jungle? midlane? top? is he melee? ranged? you need to answer those though I'm assuming he is ranged at 150 which is a bit far in my opinion.

secondly i do like the idea of your passive but do you know how harsh that would be on the programing and development team to make? plus it really needs a way to know what is fake and what isn't, even if it is a small hint.

otherwise i think more people will have stuff to say and i will admit this champion is even confusing me.

Keledrath 01-29-2013 05:56 AM

I find it odd that you seem to be making a more AD focused champ. This seems like it should be an AP champ.

Passive: interesting, but I have to agree with those who pointed out that enemies can look at your items.

Q: 2 second ally vision removal at level 1? that seems a bit much. I'd drop it to 1 second and make the per/level increase .5 instead of .25

W: I actually like the idea of having a fake-out ability. I wouldn't have it apply a buff to him though, because enemies can see the buffs that are on him, which would ruin the surprise. Just make it function like Playful/Trickster for Fizz where it switches between the two.

E: Again, much too powerful as a level 1 skill. Go to top, use the clone to check the bushes, if the enemy is there, you can start with a double damage hit. Make it start at a smaller increase, and build up to double damage, or maybe even 150% increased at rank 5.

R: So it is a delayed nuke with a fear on the end? Again, I am confused by the lack of AP scaling yet the presence of AD scaling.

Frostbite Snipes 01-29-2013 07:28 AM

OKAY so I'm on a laptop and tried typing out a big old comment replying to each of you....and I accidentally went back a page, I touched my stupid mouse pad that I really should lock....I don't feel like re-typing three/four paragraphs.

I read all your comments, thank you very much for the feedback and advice! I'm gonna do some of the things you all said. And I'll check out your ideas. :D

Keledrath 01-29-2013 07:31 AM

I absolutely hate it when that happens. Completely understand.

Frostbite Snipes 01-29-2013 07:40 AM

Also, it only has some small AP scaling to encourage buying things like trinity force or gunblade. I mean for this to be an AD champion, to go top lane. Have strong AAs and an AA steroid.

Keledrath 01-29-2013 07:44 AM

I understand that you're aiming the kit at an AD champ, what I'd meant was that the concept (illusionist) seemed more like it should be an AP champ. Kind of the same reaction I had the first time I heard about AP Master Yi, but in reverse. "Wait, the master swordsman is better when built as a mage? Wat?"

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