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dangmidnight 01-27-2013 10:19 AM

LF 5v5 team to grow and play at higher levels.
IM 22 y/o ,retired Marine good under pressure, good at communication, i can take feed back and give it. I play about 25+ hours a week , i use to play 40+ but elo system just to much for me. have yet to fine a team worth putting my time into. My exp. WOW, Halo, COD,AOM ( have played with pros or been rank high with in the game at top levels). I can bring alot to a team many different ways and willing to put time in and grow. Im a fast learn and can play any lane as of now but once my role is confirm i can master all champions for that lane. I do not have a fallback champion because i can play any champion and do fine with them.
live in Florida

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