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Luparis 01-26-2013 03:36 PM

Sign up for Breath ofLife RP
Alright, so this is just the sign up thread. I will be adding a lot of information over the course of the next few days, and you are welcome to suggest things you may think are important.

Firstly, I will show my initial character, the leader of Raven's Nest http://summoners.shurelia.com/profiles/2630.

Read the profle and you'll gain some idea of what the world is like, though not much. And that will be furtehr shown in this thread, as well as the first post of the Breath of Life. The object of the sign up is to not only count the number of participants, to identify them as well, and seperate the weak from the strong. This process will also tell me that if their are too many participants, I may allow a side story, seperate from those in Raven's Nest.

Initially, however, you are too post the characters you want me to look at and tell me who you would PREFER to be, Of course, I want you to be who you want to be, but they may need moderation before being accepted first. Also, please keep in mind, that Reyain du Felarus is a growing character, not fully developed. he will be remade over and over as the story progresses. So, if you would like, you are welcome to make friends or family of his and I will play along. (as long as it isn't absurd.)

You should also note, mages are not extinct, but the usage of magic is highly frowned upon for the most part. And if at all possible, most will attempt to murder any who are capable of using magic. Those few who suffered from the Arcane Plague and live, ALL have some sort of power, and will rarely if ever openly amit to have been afflicted previously. Admittance means you are gifted in magic, and marks you as a target.

Their are numerous antagonists in this story, and very, very few alliances that are honored. One of the main antagonists is a former Summoner named Luparis Enes, http://summoners.shurelia.com/profiles/1209. Another main threat is the League, as well as the unknown monsters they have created, or rather, Summoned.

So, begin the sign up. Those who do not sign up before the Thread is started will be completely omitted from the RP unless I say otherwise.

Characters -

Reyain du Felarus - Luparis
Eclair - Aproxima
Rose - Cupcake
Takeo - Shadow
Rook - Smiley
Julianna - Wizerd
Alviss - Geokhan
Cruciatus - Muggtonp
David Faucon - Filfire
Althius - Cryypter
Ganooj - Seymour
Nerethis - Overseer
Jurante - Grand Viper
Viola - Silverling
Vanthar - Radient
Tao Fei Long - Youay
Frold - Boogey

Demacia -

Master Tao
Rook - DM chosen

Expedition -

BILGEWATER - The area of Bilgewater and its people remain mostly unaffected by the plague, and their city-state is hardly touched by the blades of war. The territory continues to trade with whomever they can; mostly the Noxians, as they are the only city-state to remain intact after the break out. Bilgewater is also mostly neutral hostile towards all other forces.

BANDLE CITY - Bandle was struck very hard when the Plague came. Noxus moved just as swift as the mysterious blight and struck with great fervor, terrorizing the outer villages of Bandle City before closing in on the city walls. Today, the walls still stand with the aid of a former Demacian legion, and a handful of Summoners, as well as the natives. Today, nearly half of all Bandle's populace has died of te plague, or from Noxus' hands.

IONIA - perhaps because they are cut off from the mainland, the Ionian Isles have managed to remain mostly unscathed by the war. The Plague has yet to break out, fortunately. And likely because of Ionia's stern defense of their waters of any and all sea vessels coming within fifty miles of their homes. Under the leadership of Irelia, the Ionian people have even made notions of attacking Noxus outright to try and put an end to their terror.

PILTOVER - Apart from Demacia, it was probably Piltover that was hit hardest by recent events. After Zaun's complete and total collapse into chaos, Noxus stole the war machines and drove them straight to Piltover's doorstep unchecked. Thousands of Plague ridden corpses paved the way for the Noxian war machine to walk into Piltover, murder most Champions, as well as its leaders, and capture hundreds of healthy men for the arena. Today, Piltover is mostly abandoned on the surface, and the remainder who have not been enslaved or infected have fled underground.

FRELJORD - The barbarian tribes remain extremely isolated from their neighbors in Valoran. The current standing on the city-state is mostly a mystery. However, reports from all factions say that looking in from the borders, the snow is stained red.

NOXUS - Noxus realized that despite the treachery of the League, they were still the most powerful mages in the known world. When that world turned on the League, wishing vengeance, Noxus decided almost fully to stick by the League. The exception, however, was Katarina, her sisters, and their loyalists. Katarina swore that Demacia, in this rare case, led by example in forming a coalition against the League. Swain and his own loyalists, including Darius and his bloody, dramatic brother, Draven, opted to make their own example. Noxian forces escorting Katarina to neutral territory to meet with city-state leaders turned on Katarina. After many hours, and an escape, Katarina was found after killing over a dozen soldiers, and put to the blade. Subsequently, the rest of her family fell, and loyalists were forced to prison or the arena.

DEMACIA - The shining city, the prime example of order, loyalty, honor - was the hardest to fall. The Plague ate away the outlying villages of the city-state alongside the Beasts sumoned by the League. The Emperor of Demacia, led by the Prince Jarvan IV, attempted to save as many as they could. But it was for naught. Soon Noxus joined in, accompanied by actual League mages and overwhelmed the lone forces of Demacia. After a bout a yar of fighting, Noxian Coalition assassins entered Demacia with the aid of Summoner magic, and killed the Lightshield family. Soon after, Xin Zhao went missing, and Garen was voted to lead the military. The grief of the failing nation, and his neglect of his duty to protect crippled his spirit, and soon the military crumbled, then the city-state. Today, Lady Luxanna Crownguard is the leader of what remains of the actual Demacian city-state.

As the war progressed, resources became sparse, population dwindled, war became prominent, and countless factions rise in names of their warrior leaders, nameless gods, and others. Some rise up simply for money and treasure. And of course, reputation.

The majority of these factions rise up in the broken, tattered ruins of Demacia. Among them is the Aspiring Raven's Nest led by Reyain du Felarus, a former Captain under the command of Garen Crownguard. An intensely fierce warrior, honorable and loyal servant to his home, Reyain fights today with dignity, taking only jobs to better Demacia; hoping that one day Garen, his former master, might come back to his senses.

VIGILANT - Vigilant is a faction of the remaining loyalists of Demacia who have not defected, broken into splinter factions, or been killed. Led by Luxanna Crownguard, these warriors try to police the city-state, rebuild the ruins, and fight off the Beasts, as well as the dark coalition of Noxus and the League. The battle does not fair well, and even their former brothers living in their very own city threaten to end the order.

BROKEN LEGION - Broken Legion is an organized force of former Demacians who have been corrupted by the Plague, altered by their survival of the dreaded arcane blight, and by the influence of a terribly powerful Runemancer, and former Summoner, by name of Luparis Enes. Some call this Luparis a devil in human form, a demon known to break the spirits of men and corrupt their true puprose so further his evil ambition. The Broken Legion are worse even then the Beasts that terrorize the land nowadays in this time of turmoil and strife. The Legion is dismissed to be little more than rumor, as none have witnessed any to have fallen so far into darkness.

Aproxima 01-26-2013 03:53 PM

It just might be me or the fact it's 1 in the morning here, but what exactly do you mean by " who you would PREFER to be " ?

For now dropping here her - magic would be disabled for her at least for some time and would be restored if the story allows it.
Might put my dragon hybrid to the test, but I think she'd be OP, especially in her crystal form which makes a juggernaut out of her.

Edit: Alrighty then. My "champion" is Éclair Efreet, with the story based nerfs = no magic at all for her (got my own explanation). That means she's just a well trained assassin now.

Luparis 01-26-2013 04:20 PM

Essentially, judging by the characters shown to me earlier on in the firs tthread. Many won't be allowed to enter as they are. So by PREFER, i mean, you can choose to be that person, but likely won't be accepted ifthey remain overpowered in my opinion.

Shinozaki Ayumi 01-26-2013 04:23 PM

Okay. Putting Rosalinda in here if she can.
If there no trees, she's so useless. Lol.

Luparis 01-26-2013 04:38 PM

Both are accepted at this point.

TheShadowOfChaos 01-26-2013 04:56 PM

Takeo Cromwell is a guy I am hoping to let in.

Luparis 01-26-2013 05:03 PM

Accepted Shadow, look forward to seeing someone of yours other than Phantom, and less powerful.

SmileyDemon 01-26-2013 05:04 PM

Rook here

TheShadowOfChaos 01-26-2013 05:15 PM

:P Phantom decided to go awol for a reason most people would have never thought. Plus, I want to make some mischief.

Wizerdlol 01-26-2013 05:25 PM

Juliana over here

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