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Mirana Arashi 01-26-2013 01:12 PM

Why doesn't FrankenTibbers Annie have different particles/effects?
Just a simple question.

I bought this skin on the 2011 Harrowing , and I really like It , but I always wanted It to have like , green particles or something like that , something special. I really thought that with Annie's Visual Upgrade this dream of mine would become a reality , but looks like It won't , the skin has the same particles as in the original skin. I know you guys updated Annie's and Tibbers's model , which is really cool and I appreciate that but I was hoping that , for being a Limited Edition skin , It could get something like some special(s) sound(s) , a special recall , or something. I hope a rioter can read this and give me a response about the skin , thanks for reading.

Tenebrae Corvus 01-30-2013 07:21 AM

Well, was expecing she could get some electricity instead of flames, like Volibear's ultimate; at least, added to ther hands instead of just flames. Maybe another flame colour, something extra.

There's still some time so let's hope they are able to add a little bit more to FrankenTibbers Annie.

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