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TasogareReiken 01-26-2013 08:00 AM

Matchmaking imbalance
I understand that it can't really be balanced, but this is just ridiculous

My last game had this setup in non-ranked blind pick

TasogareReiken (me), level 30 618 wins
atlanticpigeon, level 23 65 wins
Fosfo, level 30 221 wins
Joxhelo, level 30 155
Yakot69, level 30 155 wins


Campigottox, level 30, 653 wins
EnclaveSquirrel, level 30, 608 wins
Epically Gay, Level 30 462 wins
Grimmzer, Level 30 641 wins
Jrh, Lvel 30 565 wins

How why is this matchup even possible? We were easily decimated because top and mid died to jungle 5 times by 8 minutes. I was Caitlyn and for the match I was pretty good, considering my lane partner Zyra was attacking the minions stealing it for herself and letting the enemy minions kill it. It got so fed up with bot lane that I decided to leave which turned out good because I managed to help top a bit, jungle a bit, and came back to bot to get a double kill.

But that doesn't answer the question of why this matchup was even possible. My team was so outclassed in experience the game was over the moment we entered the queue.

I don't fault my team besides Zyra for their performance. All it all it was pretty good in the circumstances, we managed to survive to 31 minutes.

Best Jinx US 06-10-2013 05:03 PM

Hey thats me

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