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xype 01-26-2013 04:02 AM

Which champion should I get next?
I'm searching for some good champions in TT. I know, there are tons of other threads explaining it. I'm searching for a quite good champion I don't own yet.

Here's the list of which champs I own yet:

Dr. Mundo
Lee Sin
Master Yi

I was thinking about Cassiopeia, Trundle (this is what I think about, every opinion is welcome!

Believeinsteve 01-26-2013 04:37 AM

I don't know your playstyle, but if your flexible, here are some strong ones here.

Akali - She's a great assasin, just don't feed pre 6 & then have a blast then. Have a rune page with plenty of AD/AP to activate her passive at level 1 & you'll be a beast
Alistar - (You have to play him very well, btw you should still be able to obtain him for free+ a skin)
Darius - (He's considered god tier, in order to actually prove that you have to play him well, with the upcoming changes to him I wouldn't purchase him. Not for TT)
Diana - Pretty strong jungler, can be a pretty mean laner too
Mundo - Extremely strong jungler here, but your team has to coordinate ganks here, since landing cleavers while in minions can be difficult
Draven - draven is pretty popular at european qualifiers, build some bruiser"ness" on him and he can be a monster here. His chasing power is unreal
Ezreal - Play him well enough, he's great here, bruiser build viable as well
Fizz - Requires a decent team comp to work well, but I've been a victim of those
Garen - Garen good everywhere...
Hecarim - I thought he'd be a great jungler here, boy was I wrong. His dueling potential is really low, he requires a great follow up after his intiation, ex ori ult
Irelia - I personally haven't tried it, but imagine it can work well if your allowed to farm or get kills
Jax - He's a god here, I can solo vilemaw with merc treads & blade of the ruined king only
Jayce - He's pretty good here, chasing potential is great, mean laner, good poker if you have no ranged yet still want another gap closer
Karthus - Hope you have a team to protect you...
Kayle - I've heard rumors of kayle's carrying a game singlely because of her ult. Get a blade of the ruined king, can probably solo vilemaw as well.
Kennen - Needs a good team comp, I won't give any since its a part of mine currently.
Kha'zix - He's mean on 5v5, he's mean here. If he finds you in the jungle alone...better hope you got a flash & his leap is down
Leblanc - She's trash here, she needs to get extremely fed to work well & even then theres much better picks
Lee sin - He's just so mean here, I mean he's just unfairly mean. Another vilemaw solo-er
Master yi - He's pretty fun to play ap here, his nuke potential is high, build ap/mp/cdr & go at it. The new changes coming to him might change that though.
Mordekaiser - Let me just nuke your carry then make that 3v3 into a 4v2. GG
Nidalee - Hope your good at those spears, build her bruiser/ap & win.
Nocture - I feel like he's the same way as hecarim. He sounds good in theory, his ganks are godly, but thats about it. If you need a strong single target intiator, He can be it.
Olaf - He's known for carrying games often
Renekton - He's not a great pick, if jayce/olaf are open or even Vi, I'd pick them over renekton.
Rengar - Gotta love them bushes man...this guy is hilarious to play here if your allowed to farm for a bit
Riven - She's one of those characters on TT where if you get an early lead, & keep that lead, you'll perform well here. If she gets pushed in the dirt...well...have fun
Ryze - Build muramana & win. He's a late game carry, If you have a decent peeler its a blast to just...well blast them
Shaco - He used to be good here, not that great anymore. His ganks are solid, you need to end the game mid-game or else you start to lose hard. You have to build him bruiser like too, which he suffers from
Syndra - Just no...I mean...her team fight potential is high, but she has no escape, she can be dived & kill almost instantly if you want some real damage for her
Teemo - OP mushroooms even more op here...no more wards on TT, but hey shrooms are still allowed.
Tristana - Actually not bad, her escape is fairly good, we usually counter a tristana with darius/alistar/jayce
Tryndamere - He's not as good as he used to be. He's extremely item dependent...aka carry. But I mean play a ranged carry with a better escape. You can build him bruiser but even then its not worth it.
Varus - I just...no. If you are desperately in need of a ranged & need an intiation fine, but hope your good
Veigar - This guy is a blast to play anywhere, TT is no exception. He requires alot of farm, but a couple days ago I was allowed to farm & had full build by 24 min after having a few kills. I had 761 AP & nuked their ziggs instantly with my ult doing 1.35k damage with it. He's farm dependent, but he can destroy games, his cage is very good here as well
Volibear - He's ok, look at renekton for better picks
Warwick - His e is great here, but normally enemy junglers aren't that low, and thats all his e is good for is basically having a personal ward on an enemy. His ult is a great intiation if you need one, but nocture is better IMO
Zed - He's great if you can play him, he's extremely energy starved half the time
Zyra - Pretty item dependent on TT, I'd pick another ap carry

As for your current picks, cass isn't bad, if you can get a full poison comp (teemo/singed/cass) with blackfire you will melt...I mean MELT the enemy team. Its stupid ridiculous how fast you melt them.

Evelynn is trash here, people talk like she's good but the nerfs to her hurt her to much.

Trundle I've actually...never ever played.

Demacry 01-26-2013 08:00 AM

Thanks for typing up the assessment Believe, Id like to add a few points and give my own thoughts on some of the champs.

Mundo - Unless you can get him fed pretty early on Mundo gets pulled into the role of a tank instead of bruiser/carry. IMO Mundo will typically fail at this role on TT due to the popularity of champs with gap closers. His cleavers' meager slow just doesn't have much pealing power unless your carry can handle themselves.

Irelia/Warwick - Both have some great initiation and built correctly are extremely reliable lifesteal-tanks. They do take a decent bit of farm to really get going but if you're allowed by your team to take the jungle farm you can give all the kills to your carry and not fall behind.

Master Yi - His ratios are stupid strong, esspecially on TT but be careful with any burst champ that requires you to get in melee range. Unless you get fed early on you become very open to hard cc adn getting burst down before your team can do anything to help you.

Renekton - IMO this guy is a terrific pick for TT. Jayce has more poke and Olaf is an aa/lifesteal-tank but Renekton brings tons of natural lane sustain, has a great gap closer and a hard single-target stun. Every champ has their strengths and a good Renekton can be much more in your face than a Jayce or Olaf.

Riven - True god mode champion if you learn to play her well. Even when behind she's still a huge threat and the utility she brings to the team fight is difficult to match.

Syndra - Requires an appropriate composition but her teamfighting will more than make up for her lack of escape if you can protect her properly. Even if youre still getting focused an earlier than normal wooglets will help a ton.

Tryndamere - He is very item dependant but it doesn't matter if you go 0/8/0 in the early game; once you get those items he becomes a huge force of reckoning.

Varus - Requires good planning and an appropriate composition but he brings a lot more to the fight than someone like Ashe. Admittedly though there are better picks.

Zyra - Pick up an early BFT and her plants and cc will carry your team for the rest of the game. Her plants' aa will proc the BFT effect and it is very difficult to actually get at her with proper play.

Evelynn - Is terrific if you can get an early lead. Lacks the ability to pull it back if you don't.

Crede777 01-26-2013 11:30 AM

Xin Zhao, Amumu, Pantheon, and Singed are worth considering.

Bobinatorlol 01-26-2013 03:31 PM


Originally Posted by Believeinsteve (Hozzászólás 33909483)

Evelynn is trash here, people talk like she's good but the nerfs to her hurt her to much.


Originally Posted by Demacry (Hozzászólás 33911756)

Evelynn - Is terrific if you can get an early lead. Lacks the ability to pull it back if you don't.

dafuq? Are you guys playing the same TT I am? Eve still carrys even after the nerfs. Early lead or not.

xype 01-26-2013 06:09 PM


Originally Posted by Bobinatorlol (Hozzászólás 33922468)
dafuq? Are you guys playing the same TT I am? Eve still carrys even after the nerfs. Early lead or not.

I bought Evelynn and Cass, happy with my buys.

Indeed, Evelynn works great! Even when not fed early.

Demacry 01-26-2013 08:42 PM


Originally Posted by Bobinatorlol (Hozzászólás 33922468)
dafuq? Are you guys playing the same TT I am? Eve still carrys even after the nerfs. Early lead or not.

Ive had some bad games with Eve. Ive also had amazing ones. It's probably due to my lack of experience with Eve but when I get behind I usually stay behind. (I also tend to play a pure ap eve and Ive seen everything from pure ap to hybrid to pure ad builds on her all with varying levels of success so I dont really know; she's also not really my style of champ :P Id much rather just roll their face in the dirt as Riven/Vi or kite forever as Ahri/Syndra)

Outshine 01-26-2013 08:46 PM

Gangplank :d

Believeinsteve 01-26-2013 08:47 PM

Maybe I don't have the right runes or build her right. I build her like a tanky ap bruiser so she can survive the intial up front.

The problem with her if she jungles is that she's somewhat squishy and if you don't have any cc for lane ganks your chance of getting a kill on top let alone bot is fairly low. If your laning I feel its a bit better but not enough to set her up, diana is much better than eve imo, no matter the comp you have.

Meshly 01-26-2013 08:53 PM

Trundle is pretty good, but if you play him you better like Auto Attacking and Pillars of Filth.

Also he is one of the hottest champs in the game along with Urgot.


Originally Posted by Believeinsteve (Hozzászólás 33909483)
Renekton - He's not a great pick, if jayce/olaf are open or even Vi, I'd pick them over renekton.

What? Renekton is one of the Gods of TT, great mobility, strong early pick, easy to pick up, sustain, a stun (Even though it stuns himself he is tanky and in a 3 vs 3 fight others can do damage for you.), no mana. He may not be the best pick, but I'd rather play him over the other three. (Olaf since I have a bitter hatred for him.)

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