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Yetti 01-25-2013 09:09 PM

Tier List - Twisted Treeline 3v3
Champions listed farther to the left in a tier are rated higher than those on the right. Champions can be listed twice, as a champions worth in the jungle can differ greatly from how good they are in lane. Thanks for reading, and your feedback is appreciated. :)

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Champions in Bold have random thoughts about them in the section below.

3v3 Tier list - Updated 8/20/14 - 4.14 Patch

Top Tier - Best champs on the map. Pick or ban if possible.
AD Lane - Nidalee
AP Lane - Cassiopeia, Syndra, Lulu
Jungle - Jarvan, Xin Zhao, Maokai

Tier 2 - Still very strong, viable picks, and seen often.
AD Lane - Yasuo, Darius, Pantheon, Renekton, Wukong, Jayce, Riven, Jarvan, Olaf, Trundle
AP Lane - Karma, Morgana, Annie, Ziggs, Cho’Gath, Lissandra, Zyra, Malzahar
Jungle - Wukong, Kha’Zix, Skarner, Lee Sin, Vi, Nocturne, Shaco, Shyvana, Amumu

Tier 3 - Niche picks that aren't all that popular, but can do well in the right circumstances.
AD Lane - Lee Sin, Yorick, Rengar, Kha’Zix, Tryndamere, Shyvana, Aatrox, Talon, Udyr, Jax, Gangplank
AP Lane - Ahri, Brand, Gragas, Orianna, Vel'Koz, Malphite, Diana, Fizz, Xerath, Swain, Evelynn, Galio, Kayle
Jungle - Evelynn, Olaf, Udyr, Elise, Trundle, Riven, Jayce, Zac, Cho’Gath, Gragas, Aatrox, Fiddlesticks

Tier 4 - It's possible to have success with these champs, but generally they're not viewed as strong picks.
AD Lane - Xin Zhao, Vi, Fizz, Fiora, Alistar, Vayne, Nocturne, Volibear, Garen, Ezreal, Corki, Quinn, Irelia
AP Lane - Kassadin, Viktor, Braum, Teemo, Heimerdinger, Soraka, Sion, Kennen, Singed, Sejuani, Katarina, Rumble
Jungle - Tryndamere, Volibear, Nunu, Diana, Sejuani, Dr. Mundo, Nasus, Master Yi

Tier 5 - Bad picks. You're handicapping yourself, and really have to outplay the other team to win.
AD Lane - Master Yi, Warwick, Nasus, PoppyTwitch, Graves, Zed, Sivir, Shen, Thresh, Urgot, Tristana,
AP Lane - LeBlanc, Elise, Dr. Mundo, Zac, Ryze, Mordekaiser, Karthus, Vladimir, Janna, Zilean, Anivia
Jungle - Hecarim, Warwick, Leona, Rammus, Nautilus

Tier 6 - Garbage in the form of a champion.
AD Lane - Sion, Draven, Miss Fortune, Jinx, Caitlyn, Blitzcrank, Taric, Varus, Kog’Maw, Ashe
AP Lane - Lux, Nunu, Nami, Veigar, Twisted Fate, Sona, Corki, Akali
Jungle - Alistar

Yetti 01-25-2013 09:09 PM

Random Champion Musings - Updated 8/20/14
Going to change the format of this section a bit... Instead of detailing pros and cons of all the champs in the top 2 tiers (a lot of work and really time consuming), I'm just going to talk about a few random champions every now and then for no particular reason. It could be that they are gaining popularity, I find them particularly annoying, or they just happen to be on my radar. I will leave the champion descriptions I already have written up in the post below this one.

Maokai - He's so damn tanky, and has really high base damages. His ganks are really strong early. Late game, he's unkillable, and his ult reduces damage to his entire team. He can dive the enemy caster, who will be forced to use their burst on him or die, and with his ult up he generally will take minimal damage. His clear time is good. Maokai is the complete package. Pick him and enjoy your win.

Pantheon - I think Pantheon is super overrated. I would move him down, but he still sees so much play that I feel like I need to leave him where he is. Also, he is really good at stomping the competition at lower levels of play. It's true that he is a crazy lane bully and can snowball out of control. But if you don't feed him, he falls off really hard mid-late game. To beat Pantheon in lane, simply set up a 22 armor rune page. It's that easy. He no longer can bully you around, and you can just out push him while he tries to. I never have issues with him anymore, and forsee myself moving him down before too long.

Cho'Gath - I've been playing a lot of Cho lately. He feels really strong to me. Protip: Rush Twin Shadows!!! It is amazing on him! It only has a 60 second cooldown, and once your ghost hits someone, it makes it super easy to land a Q on them. Plus it gives you all the stats Cho wants. People will fear you once you finish that item, and you usually can 1 shot AP casters with your Twin Shadows -> Q -> W -> Auto -> R combo. Enjoy the freelo! (I've been playing him a decent amount on my stream if you want to check out some of the archived videos)

Malzahar - What? Malzahar all the way up in tier 2? What changed? Nothing actually. He has just started to rise in popularity a little bit. His main strengths are his awesome waveclear, and really strong harass in lane. Running out of mana is normally Malzahar's biggest issue, but with the free chalice buff from the map, his mana costs aren't nearly as big of a problem. Once he hits 6, it's usually a free kill if he has harassed the enemy down far enough. Or if the jungler ganks.

Yetti 01-25-2013 09:10 PM

Retro Champ Descriptions (Not updating this anymore... Info is someone old, but a lot of it is still relevant)

Yasuo - Mobility creep at its finest. On such a small map, he can move way too fast, and do way too much damage. Not to mention he scales really hard, and has one of the stronger early laning phases. His shield makes laning against him a pain, since he can block most of your harass. Add to that that his windwall can potentially be game-changing if he blocks the right spell, and you officially have a broken champion.

Darius - Darius works best against other melee champions. He has strong harass in lane with his Q, and can push hard when needed. Even when built almost full tank, he still does a lot of damage. A true damage, refreshing ult is something that can truly be considered OP. Although he is countered in lane by ranged champs, this can be dealt with by bush control and lots of pots, or by pushing the lane extremely hard and exerting pressure on the rest of the map.

Renekton - Renekton is a huge lane bully. He can push a wave really hard when need be, and his E allows him to escape ganks or chase champions down. Renekton is really good at diving into the middle of the enemy team, shredding armor, soaking damage, and stunning a priority target, all while doing decent AoE damage with his E, Q, and ult. Add a Sunfire cape to the equation for even more tankyness and AoE passive damage. His ult does a ton of free DoT, and can be used to bait enemy champions into overextending or turret diving.

Syndra - She wouldn't be so hard to deal with if her Q wasn't on a 4 second cooldown at lvl 1. This allows her to not only harass her enemy laner like crazy, it means she can push the wave and control her lane really well. Her stun is also amazing if you can hit the enemy with it. Super long range, it makes it really easy for her and her team to catch people. Once she hits 6, she can usually instantly delete somebody if she catches them out of position. I feel like she is the strongest champion on the map right now (Yasuo a very close second).

Cassiopeia - I'm pretty sure Cass has the highest amount of sustained magic damage in the game, if you can hit your skill shots. Since they changed her E to fully proc Rylai's, that item is a MUST build on her. She turns into a kiting machine. A well timed ult can easily win a team fight. Her early game is really strong, as a well played Cass can bully an opposing laner right out of lane. She can stall an altar cap with her W and Q forever (until she gets zoned anyways). Her W gives vision, and can be used to check bushes. High skill cap, high potential champion.

Lulu - The strongest of the 'support' mages right now. Season 4 added utility scaling to her spells, and it has made her a MUCH stronger pick. She used to fall off really hard mid-late game, and now her utility keeps her relevant all game long. At 500 AP, her W is a 85% speed boost for 5 seconds! Throw that onto an Udyr or Olaf, and there is no running away from them! Other things in her kit: An AoE ~80% slow for 2 seconds, a 2.5 second disable (great against glass cannon champs), an HP steroid, a knock-up, another AoE slow around whoever she ults, the ability to reveal invisible champs, and a spam-able shield. She is a kiting/chasing machine, and does a ton of damage from range while providing crazy utility. My favorite champion in the game currently (her and Zed, but he's not all that great on 3's).

Lee Sin - A longtime favorite on Twisted Treeline. He can be built so many different ways, and be effective in nearly any role he is trying to fill. He is a pain to deal with in lane. When he gets ahead, he can snowball that advantage like crazy. He is also extremely hard to gank. His clear time is fast, his dueling, ganking, and counter jungling are great. The biggest complaint about Lee Sin is he falls off late game. This doesn't really happen as a laner when you build him almost full AD/Lifesteal with a Hydra. His burst damage is nuts, and he can assassinate a somewhat squishy target instantly. He has reclaimed the top spot as a jungler, partially because all the other junglers have slowly been getting nerfed (Shyvana, Riven, Jarvan).

Shyvana - She is a farming machine. She has really good clear time, and is great at counter jungling and dueling early-mid game. Her biggest issue is a lack of CC, which usually is really important for the jungler to bring to the table. Pair her with someone who can make up for that downside of hers (Lissandra for example), and she brings good tankyness and damage to team fights. Top lane, she is best in a super aggressive push comp, since she can't help but push the lane with her W.

Pantheon - He pretty much always dominates his lane. Which, in the current meta, usually equals out to success. Once he gets his ult, he can turn around ganks in the other lane super easily. In fact, the use of Pantheon's ult is the main thing that separates successful and unsuccessful Pantheon play. He falls off a bit late, but get a good enough lead early-mid, or pair yourself with a hard carry AP champ, and you're good to go.

Olaf - After his rework and buffs, he is really strong. Still not played all that much, but once people start picking up on him, he will get more popular. Not necessarily a must ban, but a pain to deal with. Good in lane and in the jungle. A terror for immobile, squishy AP's (Zyra for example).

Kha’Zix - Using his passive properly and being hyper aggressive in lane almost always nets him early kills. When a target is isolated, his Q is officially broken. He is really mobile with his E, and has ranged poke with his W. His ult gives him great disengage and reengage if he is being focused. As a jungler, he doesn't do any one thing amazingly well, but overall he's a really strong champion, and scales very well throughout the game.

Trundle - His clear time is pretty good, his ganks are slightly above average, and his dueling potential is really good. In lane, he beats most other melee champion due to his AD drain and great sustain. His kit works amazingly well with a BotRK and a Spirit Visage. His W works with BotRK's passive as well (80% attack speed). Basically go BotRK into pure tank, and you will beast people down. Hydra can also be a good item on him.

Jax - The newly buffed triforce is awesome on him. So is BotRK. His early game isn't by any means bad, but it leaves a bit to be desired. His Q provides good mobility and helps him escape ganks. His E is possibly one of the best non-ultimate abilities in the game. Once he hits level 6, he becomes a huge lane bully. If he gets slightly ahead, he will snowball that advantage hard. He does ridiculous amounts of single target damage, and his ult makes him tanky. Jax is pretty much the best end game 1v1 duelist there is. Both blue and red pots benefit him significantly. Jax is hard countered by attack speed slows, such as Malphite’s E, Nunu’s E, Lee Sin’s E, Frozen Heart, and Randuin's Omen.

Riven - She snowballs insanely hard. The main risk with her is if you get behind, you usually stay behind. But when Riven gets ahead, she dominates. She is extremely mobile and can chase people down to secure kills. She is a strong duelist. Most of her abilities are AoE, so she is also great in team fights. Her shield in late game scenarios is what makes her so good. She can come in and out of the fight, negating a crazy amount of damage with her E. Her jungle clear speed is good, her ganks are strong, and she has a strong invade.

Jayce - His laning phase is outstanding. He win's trades easily with his EQ Cannon Form to QE Hammer Form combo, as after her knocks the enemy back, it's nearly impossible for them to retaliate. He has his gate to help escape ganks. He has one of the best pokes in the game. He's great at catching people with his hammer slam and knockback (flash knockback if required). Jayce farms incredibly well, and as such can push a lane and exert a lot of map pressure. Also it’s very nice having a ranged champ on your team when sieging towers. When his W is maxed, he hits towers like a truck. His only downside is that he doesn’t really get a power spike at level 6, since he has no true ultimate. That and he is really mana hungry, even with the mana buff aura. The nerf to his E brought him down from the Top Tier, but he is still a strong pick with the right team comp.

Wukong - His big upside is obviously his ultimate, which is incredible for team fights. His laning phase is really strong if played right, as trading is relatively easy when you use all your abilities properly. Oh, and stop juking is just too much fun. He is hard countered by exhaust, as it really hurts the damage of his ultimate. Once his ult is down, he isn’t nearly as big of a threat. He is one of the few bruisers that has really good AoE damage, as both his ult and his E are AoE.

Tryndamere - Tryndamere's laning comes down to if you randomly get a crit or 2. If you do, he wins. If you don't, he will get bullied out. His spin keeps him relatively safe from ganks. Of course, once he get a few items, Tryn turns into an unstoppable killing machine that will smash anybody in his way. Jungle Tryn is really strong as well. Once he gets a full fury bar, his crits give him a really fast clear time. His ganks are scary if you can hit your slow properly, and 1 or 2 crits spell disaster for the enemy. And his spin gives him a great escape mechanism if he gets invaded, or wants to invade the enemy.

Karma - She just has so much built into her kit. The ability to empower her abilities for different effects gives her a lot of playmaking ability. The amount of utility she provides in addition to her strong damage make her a really great pick. Her short cooldown Q lets her push her lane hard and put pressure on the map, and her W and E make it really hard to gank her.

Morgana - Her changes gave her even better wave-clear and lane presence, so she can pressure the map and roam really well. Simply drop a W on the wave from a safe distance, and meet up with your jungler to invade. Catch the jungler with a Q, and you have an easy kill. Her biggest strength is how well she does against other top picks. She is a great pick against lane bullies such as Ziggs, Lulu, Syndra, and Cassiopeia. If you catch someone out of position, don't be afraid to use your ult. It does a crazy amount of damage, and will either net you the kill on the person you caught, or force a flash.

Gragas - Great damage, waveclear, and mobility. Takes a good amount of skill to play well, and his ult can make or break team fights. In lane, if you hit level 2 before the enemy, you can all in on them pretty easily to force a flash. Gragas does a TON of damage at level 2. His jungle is also really good now because of this. Good clear, and he can duel decently well with most other junglers at 2. His W gives him better than average ganks, since it's a gap-closer AND a slow.

Soraka - I'm pretty sure she pushes the wave harder than any other champion in the game. To use her properly, you MUST play with teammates that plan on pushing and playing aggressive as well. Otherwise you will push the wave, and then get ganked and killed since you have no escapes. If you do pair her up with a jungler than can push up and support her, she is a monster. A surprising amount of damage paired with awesome healing. Rylai's is a necessity on her. With it, you can perma-slow the enemy team with your Q, which will also slowly shred the enemies MR, causing you to do more and more damage.

Annie - Annie has decent waveclear with her W, great all in burst damage, and her AoE stun can instantly turn the tides of a team fight. Her biggest problem is her lack of mobility. This means she is very position dependent, and requires good map awareness and coordination with her jungler to keep her safe in lane if she ever pushes her lane (similar to Soraka, but a tad bit safer since she at least has some CC to help her escape).

Lissandra - An extremely strong laner, tons of CC, and good mobility. She is nearly impossibly to gank if her E is up, and has great initiation with her E+W+R. R can also be used defensively combined with Wooglet's for 5 seconds of trollvulnerability. In my opinion, she falls off a bit late-game, but still is a great pick with the right team comp.

LeBlanc - LeBlanc is the definition of snowballing in LoL. If she gets slightly ahead, she will murder you. Over and over. And then her team will win because of it. Super mobile, decent waveclear if you max W first, and amazing burst that cant really be avoided (since her Q silences you). Her early game is a bit weak, but even after you get just a few levels, you will do just fine.

Sion - CMNWEIPYAIOSDUJEOWIHWOEUR. Those are my thoughts on Sion. He has almost 0 counter play, and smashes an entire wave with a single W. I'm surprised he isn't picked more to be honest, he is really strong. And stupid to play against. Whenever he gets his rework, AP Sion will no longer be a thing. And we can collectively rejoice about that fact.

Zyra - Zyra needs a team of front-liners with strong initiation. She has a good laning phase, and great team fight presence. The only problem is, she hates being initiated on (unlike in 5's, where her main purpose is to drop ult for disengage), because she is so squishy, and it's hard to get her combo off with people in her face. Zyra is best when paired with a team that can cause all sorts of ruckus, and she can come in and drop a bunch of plants on everyone while they are brawling. Her seeds are good for checking bushes, as well as providing vision against possible ganks. Her plants are great at defending altars. A strong pick with a high skill cap, and relatively dependent on your team doing their job so you don't get insta-gibed.

Ziggs - Awesome early game with great waveclear and harass. Relatively safe with his W, and since all his spells are ranged, he can lane from a safe distance. Mid to late game, he has really good poke and siege potential. His E is awesome for either defending or capturing altars, and for cutting off choke points.

Singed - I hate playing against Singed. Thankfully I don't have to deal with him all that often after the map specific nerfs. Against the right champions, he can still do really well though. If he can't be bullied out of the lane early, he is going to dominate you in lane by pushing really hard with his poison, and then roaming to cause havoc on the rest of the map. Once he gets some items, he becomes really hard to kill, and does a bunch of damage for free while you chase him around trying to kill him. Annoying.

Kassadin - Kassadin's mobility is what makes him great. His Riftwalk can literally go over every wall on the map. His laning phase is pretty sucky, and if he gets pushed to tower it can be tough to last hit early on. But once he hits 6, he can start flying all over the place. He is an absolute nightmare for squishy casters, as his ranged, 2.5 second silence offers almost no retaliation options. Wooglet's is also amazing on him. If you get caught out of position just after using Riftwalk, you can Wooglet's to buy time for your team to respond, and Riftwalk will be close to off cooldown by the time you come out of stasis.

Malphite - Malphite's laning phase is sub-par, but once he gets a few levels and defensive items, he turns into a beast. While he is strong against most teams, he does especially well against double AD teams, or if they rely on attack speed. Rush a Sunfire Cape, max E first, and push your lane as hard as you can to put a ton of pressure on the map. After you get a few tanky items, you should be able to escape most ganks pretty easily. Once he hits 6, Malphite has possibly the best initiation ability in the game.

Xin Zhao - Xin's early game damage ganks are really scary. He has a gap closing slow, and a knockup, which makes him really hard to escape. His clear speed is average, and he has a really strong invade. His ult is what lets him be a really strong initiator when it comes to team fighting. It does surprisingly good damage when the enemy is at full HP, and temporarily makes him even more tanky. Xin snowballs really well if he gets ahead early, and if he falls behind he can just be built with tanky CDR items. This will allow him to damage soak, peel, and still do a decent amount of damage. He is a one of the strongest junglers on the map right now. Lane Xin is pretty easy. Hit level 2 before the enemy, EQ them, and POOF! Watch their health bar disappear! He has no escapes though, so make sure you're aware of your map, in case a potential gank is coming.

Jarvan - He is the most popular champion on the map right now. His ganks are strong, his peel is great, and his ultimate can be team fight changing. He puts early pressure on the map, and snowballs his laners hard.

Aatrox - Aatrox is so boring to play, but damn is he strong. His laning phase is great, he has an escape, good sustain, and decent wave clear. He is a great duelist, and even when built damage heavy, can still feel free to initiate if his passive is up. His ult is on a pretty low cooldown, so feel free to use it to burst down a tower or Vilemaw.

Nocturne - Decent clear time, good level 2 dueling potential, and decent pre-6 ganks. Those are 3 of the most important things for a jungler, and he does pretty well at all of them. Decent, but not great.

Udyr - Most people prefer Tiger Udyr. Personally, I prefer Pheonix out of the jungle. His early game clear is pretty good, and after he gets a few items he becomes really, really hard to kill. His W gives him so much extra survivability, his R does a lot of passive AoE damage, and his E gives him great CC so he can peel for a carry if need be. His main weakness is he is quite susceptible to kiting, and this is why I always run ghost on him.

Roman 01-25-2013 09:14 PM

very in-depth tier list and accurate too

She 01-25-2013 09:19 PM

amazing tier list! ^^

Ampiiflyz 01-25-2013 09:36 PM

Love your tier list yetti gj!

Slumz 01-25-2013 09:47 PM

Nice list helpful

Ofrahx 01-25-2013 11:51 PM

Best tier list NA

Bobinatorlol 01-26-2013 01:17 AM

Holy shit thank you for putting AP Kayle higher up than AD. I get flamed way too much at the start in norms for going AP. That has been changed a bit as of late. And we do build her a bit different. What happen to your leona jungle changing the meta? =p

Dimsumi 01-26-2013 09:46 AM

would love to see a kayle guide from you - particularly the differences between jungle, AP lane and AD lane.

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