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YasuOHMYGOD 01-25-2013 06:46 PM

Boots on Shaco
Heyo. So I've read many guides, and I've watched many videos. However I still haven't found a good explaination on the thought process of deciding between Berserker Greaves or Boots of Mobility. The person I most watch is IWDominate, and he builds berserker greaves on Shaco 98% of the time. Yet I still have not heard him explain why. But him being 2500+ ELO makes me think he's thought through his reasons. So... Can anyone help me with my dilema? Thank you!

Sereg Anfaug 01-25-2013 07:49 PM

They're definitely both viable, assuming AD shaco rather then AP.

Personally, I like the extra map presence mobs give me, but I really don't play Shaco very often, so that may not be the best advice.

Sylvr 01-26-2013 09:06 AM

I think it's just a matter of preference. Between Mobos and Zerkers, it's about whether you want your presence spread out, or if you want it to be stronger where you already are.

Some things that may influence this decision could be how well your lanes are fairing. If they're all having trouble, then you might want to spread yourself out a bit more, and get the Mobos.

If only 1 lane is having trouble, then Zerkers might enable your ganks and counter-ganks to even that lane back out.

If all your lanes are stomping or even, then your goal should be controlling objectives. Since all the non-tower objectives are time-based, then you don't particularly have to be in a hurry to get to them if you're organized, so you could consider the Zerkers to make killing them a bit easier.

It could also have to do with how often you use Deceive to get around. The distance you can get with Deceive has nothing to do with your MS. Also, if you're in combat a lot (farming or chain-ganking), then your Mobos aren't going to be active as often, but if you recall frequently and/or find yourself moving cross-map a lot, then they'll be active a lot more often.

So yeah, preference. What do you want to boost? Combat, or between Combat?

Fluffy1 01-26-2013 09:25 AM

with mobility the range on decive before the stealth runs out is pretty good, its used to give them as little warning as possible when hes ganking, or if hes trying to move from cover to cover without being spoted.

YasuOHMYGOD 01-26-2013 03:47 PM

Thank you very much Sylvr. I've been experiementing all day and concluded exactly with what you said. One match I was against a WW jungle. Got first blood on him at his red then killed the mid that tried to assist also. My lanes were doing well so I got berserkers and it helped my dueling so much. On a few other matches my team was having a hard time mid and bot lane so I had to run llike a madman all game. Those games I got mobility and do not regret it at all. Once again thank you very much! ^.^ In short, it's all good with Shaco. XD

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