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Arisonu 01-25-2013 01:13 AM

support looking for adc duo
Looking for a serious duo partner in the 1100-1250 range or better if actually willing to play with me.I am an amazing support but usually my team just sucks so bad that it is impossible for me to get higher in elo since I main support and it is really hard to carry as support.I have all supports except for karma,leona,maokai,orianna,and thresh and pantheon.I am looking for a player who is serious about ranked and actually duoing with me a on regular basis.I am available usually from 12:30 am CST to 7:30 am CST but on somedays depending on my work schedule i am available from 3:30 CST to 7:30 am CST. add me in game and on skype,arisonu123.i also have teamspeak

KS ShimapanWizrd 01-25-2013 01:29 AM

I may be of interest..

Arisonu 01-25-2013 02:09 AM

ok.i accepted your friend request in game and am ready to play as soon as you are

Arisonu 01-25-2013 02:11 AM

will accept all friend requests btw people.i'm sitting here all night just wating.

Arisonu 01-25-2013 12:41 PM


Arisonu 01-26-2013 05:47 AM

bump again

Necronomy 01-26-2013 10:34 PM

Hey, I play a lot of Caitlyn adc...Well, the only thing I can say about my gameplay is that I am always learning, always looking to improve. I'll add you when this server downtime is gone...>.>

Arisonu 01-30-2013 01:25 AM


Arisonu 01-30-2013 04:57 AM

more bumps

Boomclack 01-30-2013 08:13 AM

I am also a 1100 elo support working my way outta this low elo. Looking for a duo que adc i can run with and get used to playing with. Send me a friend Request in game, Summoner name is Boomclack!

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