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kojima33 01-24-2013 04:18 PM

Gragas Skin Idea
I was sitting in a bush and ill admit I was pretty out of it haha. I was tired and had just recently gone bowling. Gragas Q'd into the bush and at the time I wasn't paying any attention, I could've sworn I heard a bowling ball. I started to pay attention to when ever Gragas Q'd and It sounded like a bowling ball every time. So for the skin idea, Bowler Gragas. Or something along those lines. This can be a regular skin or even legendary if enough effects are put into it. What if bowling pins exploded out when he ulted or Q'd. And when he does his dash, what if it looked like he was slipping on a bowling alley lane, you know how it is all slippery. It may seem like a lame idea but it all came to mind just from the sounds of his Q.

Shadowed Ruby 01-24-2013 05:26 PM

and what the heck is he drinking? lol.

kojima33 01-24-2013 07:39 PM

beer hah? or is that against rules to have alcohol in the game?

Shadowed Ruby 01-24-2013 07:43 PM

But is he drinking... from a bowling ball?

All his skins still have his alco-barrel. (Vandal has the tin, Oktober has the nice looking, scuba hillbilly and classic have the rough and Esq has a giant wine cooler thingy (forget proper name)).

kojima33 01-24-2013 08:05 PM

ahh, well i was just thinking out loud. maybe somone can come up with a good idea!

Shadowed Ruby 01-24-2013 08:23 PM

Don't get me wrong, I love your idea, it's just, odd, to be drinking out of a bowling ball.

kojima33 01-24-2013 10:21 PM

Yeah I get what you mean.. If u have any ideas go ahead and throw me out there

Shadowed Ruby 01-24-2013 11:08 PM

The only problem being, how do we keep the integrity of bowling Gragas without having his keg be a bowling ball?

I suppose it could be a psuedo ball, a keg made to look like one, and just have the sound/visual effects of bowling.

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