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Billyjuice 01-24-2013 02:59 PM

Support characters?

Just wondering what the more effective supports are. I have typically played Taric, and I enjoy the tankiness of him, but I'm wondering if there are better options for helping a team. Does it depend on who the ADC is? I know Tristana and Graves work particularly well with Taric.

Also, is there a chance Karma will ever be really viable as an actual support?

Owl Be Back 01-24-2013 03:39 PM

janna blitz leona thresh gangplank sona nami lulu soraka

All good supports

Karma is viable, just underrated/underused. shes also getting a rework in the near ish future.

Kuatsu742 01-24-2013 06:52 PM

I love Janna myself. Soraka has a lot of sustain. A lot of people seem to like Sona. But taric is generally considered a good choice

Notorious P I P 01-24-2013 06:57 PM

Please no Karma. As a person who mains adc, i have yet to play with a competent one. Really though support is all about what kind of lane you want. Sona and Caitlyn is probably the aggravating poke lane i have ever played against. Vayne/kog and nunu work very well together given their need for attack speed. I have found taric graves to be a fantastic aggressive lane while soraka graves is a great defensive lane.

Just figure out what the theme of your team (or in soloq your lane, because people dont care about team) objective is. Do you want to bully and get kills, or farm passively for late game and deny the best you can?

M3GaL0d0n 01-25-2013 12:51 AM

Needs more cowbell guys...

...heh, get it? cowbell? as in Alistar? hahahahahahaha... ha.

NO SERIOUSLY, Alistar is my favorite support, of all the "Viable" supports, he's by far the best carry baby sitter in lane, he can deflect ganks and even get triples early on with some well placed headbutts. But enough about what I like...

-If you would like a fun all around solid support, Sona is one of the best to try out. She's squishy, but she is easy to play and a great sitter with a powerful team fight friendly ultimate.

-Soraka is the same way, but brings a lot more damage to the table. She can build utility or damage and bring a lot of buffs and healing to her team either way. She's very squishy however and she needs CDR like no ones business, so check out a build and make sure you get proper runes for her.

-Janna is one of the worst supports, not because her kit isn't any good, but because she's brutally punishing if you mess up her skill shots or ultimate. She's also very team dependent because there are a TON of abilities she will royally screw up with her ultimate, so you can't play her effectively without synergistic teammates. On top of all that, she has no lane sustain aside from her shield which makes it harder to deal with harassment or kill lanes. If you see her on a free week, try her out. But don't buy her without knowing what you're getting into.

-Maokai and Leona are a pair of very similar "Kill Lane" supports, who forgo harass and poke in favor of outright killing potential. Either of the two excel and locking up opponents and buffing their carries. They also bring a lot of utility to fights and skirmishes at mid game.

-Blitz is a very potent support right now with insane killing potential but is banned frequently and also relatively difficult to play well. Grab him (HARHARHAR) if you get the chance to sometime...

-Kayle can go into lane either with another support or a carry for an effective kill lane or farm lane. She's arguably the best late game carry in the game and even as a support has a good transition into a damage dealer.

-I don't play Lulu much but as far as I know she's just a sitter with some decent ganking support potential, but hardly a kill lane support. Definitely worth trying out on a free week if you don't mind a somewhat passive laning phase.

-You should probably know what Taric is all about right now, definitely a solid choice for a first time support player, a ridiculous stun with good damage buffs and some heals for sitting the carry.

-The newly released Thresh is also an insane kill lane or baby sitter champion, he's got a shield and a ****-ton of utility for laning and teamfights. I've seen him juggle entire teams and man it is HILARIOUS. Its just a little tricky getting those dropped souls against poke happy enemies.

I'd love to help you with Nami, but I haven't gotten to play her yet, absolutely no clue what to say about her...

There was someone else I wanted to mention, but I can't remember who it was... anyways...

~GLHF and ask more specific questions if you'd like more specific answers.

P.S. KARMA! riiiiiight, nevermind...

P.S.S. sorry about those jokes man, like, really sorry... Tired ya'know?

mendeleyev 01-25-2013 02:50 AM

I tried nami, and it could just be me but she just isn't good enough. Sure she has the stun, sure her buff gives your ADC a slow, sure you can speed people up, sure you can heal, and sure that ultimate can knock up and slow. But getting an ADC to work well with that, is near impossible without being on skype. You can stun, but you can't be aggressive, even with heals you won't heal enough in a fight

I have taken a liking to leona support. Three straight games I managed to get my ADC nice and fed. Not just a little ahead, I am talking like 4-6 kills ahead of the other ADC. The grab with its short stun, then the Q with its 1.5 second stun is already 2 seconds of stun at level 2. At level 6, if you can time it all perfectly, you can get 3.5 seconds of stun, and the ult CAN be an AoE stun - it is a skillshot. Plus, when you use a skill against an opponent, your ADC's next attack does bonus damage - passive.

Leona is super sexy. I tried maokai before with moderate success, but Leona does what maokai does, just better. Maokai's ult does have good late game use though, reducing damage 20% to everyone in his very large circle, but sometimes getting that in a good position can be super tough, especially when a good team knows to GTFO.

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