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Redamntion 01-24-2013 09:21 AM

Jax life steal / spell vamp - 19/0/11
Curious for some opinions on 19/0/11 on Jax (double pen off, vampirism util).
Using spell vamp or life steal quints?
And starting Doran's Blade (or maybe even shield to grab the 5 armor / HP back)

Early kill potential much higher than traditional 9 pot, boots, or cloth start.

With double dorans and a couple of common jax items (rageblade and gunblade/ruined king) the vamp/LS both break 30% and seems like it may be pretty powerful.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure the sustain will be enough early against many lanes, especially without armor... Late I can see this being stronger than 21/9/0...

Also thoughts on 19/0/11 with traditional start would be also helpful.

Overall just trying to build in some leach to Jax to make him even stronger 1v1 / 2v1 for split pushing.

Don't see this in ANY guides and thought it might be strong.
Any feedback appreciated. Going to give it a try tonight regardless.

Snipawolfe 01-24-2013 09:36 AM

Good luck. I just prefer 21/9/0 so I can attack the enemy in minions and not take exorbitant amounts of damage while I wreck their face.

Edit: Also, you can get like 7.75 or something AD from quints and this still allows you to take armor/sustain/damage/boots at the start. If anything, higher early kill potential would come from giving yourself more damage and not more sustain. As for late game, just having a gunblade seems to work wonders for Jax's lifesteal/spellvamp.

Redamntion 01-24-2013 10:45 AM

Coincidentally, I also prefer wrecking face...

My thought here was the 10 AD from dorans would provide (slightly) more kill potential than the quints, while potentially enough sustain through the vamp.

However, I think I digress and the question is not clear enough, so here's a second attempt.

1. 19/0/11 instead of 21/9/0.
a) Will the sustain be enough early to counter the lack of armor,
b) Will this outscale and provide more dueling potential mid/late.

2. vamp/LS quints in place of AD.
a) Is this likely to provide enough sustain to allow a doran's blade start
b) Will this outscale late due to % vamp/LS over static AD.

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