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Maganga 01-23-2013 10:48 PM

What Champion is better Elise, Zed, Kha' Zix or Fizz
i wanted to save up for one of these so please help me decide XD

workthecorners 01-23-2013 10:56 PM

id say zed and khazix although all 4 are very viable

Elise is probably the most OP of the 4 but she is very difficult to get used to

and fizz can carry hard but also can be countered hard and shut down

kha and zed both being tankier can ccome back late game and be usefull even if they wernt fed early

just mho

screenjack 01-23-2013 10:58 PM

fizz is really hard to finish cause of his doges. If you don't like dying he's a good choice however zed is a good choice and doesnt have to run a like a lil girl lol.

Akimasu 01-23-2013 10:59 PM

Elise is an incredible top who's very complex and hard to play. Ap, Ad, Bruiser or hybrid - she's powerful. As AD she's one of the stronger tower killers(think Yi level of tower killing). She has no real escape, but she can delay the inevitable, which will occasionally save you. She has a skill shot stun, and can follow it up somewhat well. As a jungle, she has one of the strongest ganks in the game due to her 950 engagement range, she can engage anywhere in lane from the bush. Crazy ganks, scary top, and snowballs fairly hard. She's not an assassin, needs to be played Methodically.

Kha'zix is the king of snowball, one of the fastest wave clearers in the game, along with(post-6) one of the strongest long range pokes - Evolve his w and destroy everything. Great escape mechanics, Decent assassin...He does lack the burst though - his damage is very high, very sustained, but he is very squishy, and easy to shut down. Good champion, but you will be punished for mistakes HARD.

Fizz is an amazing mid, that takes an entirely different mindset from other mids to play. He can dodge almost any major ability with his troll-pole(Playful Trickster), on a low 18 second CD(roughly). Has some of the most ridiculous AP scalings, he does insane damage, can move very far, and can be played relatively(relative to the others in this list) easily. Solid mid, questionable jungle. One of the highest damage mids in the game, should be in every mids roster.

Zed is an interesting champion that I just haven't quite gotten the hang of, so I'll let someone else comment on him.

Elise is good in almost all scenarios, she can be built for any team. Fizz is an AP mid only. He's generally bad on top, countered by most tops. Kha'zix is great top, meh in the jungle pre-6. Great ganks in jungle, easily shut down if you play poorly, though. I don't like Zed.

BeautifuI Korean 01-23-2013 10:59 PM

yeah zed and kha

Element Purple 01-24-2013 12:41 AM

It depends on how fed you get them.
Zed fed means he snowballs top and overall great effect for team.
Elise fed carries the team hard midgame.
Kha'Zix fed I really have no idea.

But Fizz fed...
If he is 1 level up, he will have a good advantage on his enemies and if you use this and get more kills and get 3 levels on your enemies, then he will 1 hit people with his ulti. If it isnt a one hit he dashes in and hits you once and you die.

Overall, Fizz fed is the best.

Phánpy 01-24-2013 01:35 AM


Mothalius 01-24-2013 06:34 AM

Elise counters Zed hard. Zed ults Elise, she just rappels up and takes 0 damage. Quite annoying.

pineluv 01-24-2013 06:45 AM

uh, probably elise for the versatility like everyone's mentioned here.

she's not "hard" or "complex". the combo is just E, W, Q, R, W, Q.

using q/w to harass in lane, and spider in case you wanna sustain/push harder. rappel only to secure a kill and it's safe.

i just brought zed myself. he's quite fantastic, and tough to kill. he may be a little tougher to use than elise imo, just because he's more dynamic and requires you to be very aware of a situation to use the two shadows effectively.

however, he's very unlikely to get nerfed. this is why i brought him over kha'zix, who's inevitably getting nerfed. he's too popular right now.

i actually quite like fizz and will buy him next too. he's also unlikely to get nerfed, although i think secretly he may need one.

anyway, definitely buy elise, and fizz/zed is a toss-up based on what you need more (ap vs. ad, top vs. mid).

Eloquid 01-24-2013 10:50 AM

Elise is best, although hardest to learn. Smartcast is mandatory.

And combo isn't W-Q, but Q-W-E-R-W-Q from short distance then rappel with E if they escaped and didn't die yet, because Q hits percantage of current health. From medium distance it is W-E-Q because Q is faster and will still hit sooner than W which comes soon after. These are very basics. Also armor pen is good for spiderlings which do much more damage then.

And Kha Zix isn't getting nerfed because of popularity, but because it's uncool to be able to one-shot people. His burst is just stupid.

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