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KotlettDrake 01-23-2013 04:42 PM

@morello, Fiora buffs

Hello Morello, according to lol king Fiora is averaging a win rate of 40-45%. And is not popular at all.I feel some slight buffs/changes will increase her win rate to 50% and up her popularity and viability

Blade waltz- Reduce The cd from [130 / 120 / 110] to [120 / 100 / 90]. This ult is so easy to counter ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNDfiF5Pfgk ) and a lower cd would help with that.This will help her late as it will make it available more often when team fights occur. Right now it just feels to long. To many times a game i need it and its not up. its really frustrating to have such a high cool down on a damage ulti with a champ that at most will get only 10-15% cd reduction.

Burst of speed- Fiora's main damage skill. Completely reliant on getting kills to reset the cd in teamfights, one cc and it goes to waste and fiora is a sitting duck. Since it is only 3 seconds this can sometime be hard to achieve. Maybe increase the duration to 4 seconds?

Riposte- The damage is hardly noticeable late game, This skill has a lot of potential. Maybe make it scale off of ad (0.5 bonus ad?) or make it heal for a percentage of the damage dealt? If she blocks an attack her next attack deals 200% damage?? one of these would really flesh this ability out and make it more rewarding to use it effectively.

Lunge- QOL changes? make it move you closer to the target?

Duelist- just feels meh. Doesn't fit with her design at all(hp regen on a melee carry?). It also becomes useless once you hit mid game. Maybe make it like sanguine blade? increases lifesteal by 5% each hit stacks up to 3 times? anything other than what she currently has would be an improvement.

Edit: Morello posted woot

Edit: I think its time Riot realises that Melee carries in general are in a really bad spot right now and move them up in their list of priorities. I rather a whole class be viable than get a single champ rework. also she needs more than just a slight w buff.


This is my personal opinion with this champion>

- She has no cc (Already known by everyone)
- Her passive is severely weak later game and barely restores her hp.(Giving her 1 less ability late game after Lvl.6-8. Considering it's "extremely" useless late game, she will me more vulnerable than she would early game)
- Fiora's W(Riposte) doesn't parry an attack that one would assume should be parry-able.(Already discussed on page 2 of this forum post)
- Fiora's E (Burst of Speed) could use enhanced timing to 4 seconds or 4.5.
- Fiora's R just needs a bump and it's canceled.(I know Riot made a patch that "fixed" her ult that never activated, the problem still occurs during her jump and when she dies and hasn't jumped yet. I think this is something to look at considering her ultimate does have high CD's, [130/120/110] I think her refund needs some more inspecting.)

Now, I don't meant to sound like someone who's wanting Fiora to be too OP or is a Fiora lover. (I do personally choose Fiora over many others) but Fiora is extremely vulnerable to other Champions but it's the user who's not skilled enough to counter her with their cc and abilities to use them wisely.)

Now I'll Discuss what could be buffed>

-Passive: Her passive does get more Health Regen. the higher the level. But her Passive seems a bit useless since an item could do that Health Restoration. Her passive should be slightly modified to give Health Regen depending on a percentage of Maximum HP Fiora has. Or since her passive does stack 4 times, maybe make it more helpful by adding Armor Penetration, or let her Passive get Stacks off of Minions as well instead of only Champions.

-Lunge(Q): Her Lunge is fine. (A good idea is to try and think of a good buff idea for her q if possible, I think that her Q has a second lunge with no mana cost is good too.)

-Riposte(W): Riposte reflects some physical attacks dealing back magic damage to the attacker. This is a good ability, but doesn't deal much damage, being useless at later Lvl's barely doing anything to the opponent Fiora is facing. Also considering "Who would build Ability Power on Fiora when playing a serious and not troll game?", is a good question! Riposte doesn't get more Ability Power over levels because Fiora's primary is Attack Damage. Maybe Fiora's Riposte could get a modify so it can parry more attacks and also reflect the effects that it has (Ex: Teemo's "Blinding Dart" reflects the dart as the attacks base magic damage with sending back the silence). Reposte has a passive which grants Bonus Attack Damage that's permanent, this is a great bonus to support Fiora, but I think it shouldn't be tampered with and should stay as its passive. I think per kill Fiora gets, it adds to the bonus Ability Power it has and stacks (Kind of like ChoGath's ult passive). Another Idea is to give Fiora her extra AD bonus with a 0.5 second knock up back to the Champion that was parried once making Riposte reach a certain Lvl(Ex. Lvl 4 Grants Riposte a permanent knock up effect) That might give her a slight CC advantage and making her escaping with a better advantage than it has.

-Burst of Speed(E): Burst of Speed doesn't need much of a buff but could use an enhanced duration of this ability like 4 second or 4.5 seconds duration of this ability. Since this ability grants a lot to Fiora and is what Fiora depends on, maybe attack speed or bonus movement speed should be enhanced overall since she is all about her auto attacks and has nothing else going for her ( Fiora's 1.5 second ultimate isn't an excuse, it's 1.5 seconds...how much more do you want, 0.1 second ult!?).

-Blade Waltz(R): This is Fiora's Ultimate Ability that lets "Fiora dash around the battlefield—becoming untargetable in the process—damaging random enemy champion(s) 5 times". This ability has cons with its CD time when Fiora hasn't started the ability and is not refunded. This Ability has CD's up to 130/120/110. Many people seem to complain about this, but unless Fiora is not fed, she won't "1-hit" someone and kill them. Fiora's Ultimate makes her untargetable once her ability begins its effect, but other abilities like "FiddleStick's, Drain" will still be effecting Fiora, because it was used before she Ult'd. I think Fiora could use some investigating and inspecting on her ult because the refunds don't work all the time like it should.

Overall, Fiora is very easy to trick and kill during 1v1 match up like against Jax and making her Title name false or inaccurate because she can barely 1v1 most champions without losing. Giving her at least 1 cc ability or buffs(I would prefer buffs) because she isn't that team liable not including her ultimate. I personally think Fiora should get buffs to let her Title name be real than just a saying anymore.

Thank you,


(I don't expect all of these abilities to have these buffs or enhancements, but at least have some different Ideas on how to enhance Fiora to meet her Title name and be the Grand Duelist.)



I think Fiora works in theory, but in practice she's got a huge number of drawbacks. Fixing her W will be nice, but she'll still have:

-An ult that can be cancelled if your target walks into a bush.
-A barely-noticeable passive that only really comes into play during early-game lane harassment.
-A complete lack of sticking power.
-No escapes.
-No CC.

Look at Garen's passive - 0.5%hp regen per second after 10 seconds of not getting hit. If he has 1000 health, that's 5hp per second.

Fiora's passive is 7hp(+1 per level) over 6 seconds. That means at level 18, she's getting 25hp over 6 seconds - just over 4hp per second. And that's if she's in combat, which means she's going to be losing health anyway.

As for her ult, the fact that it's so unbearably easy to kite and/or cancel for EVERY champion in the game means she might as well not have one.

So she has effectively no passive, and effectively no ult. When her W gets fixed then she'll finally have 3 useful abilities.

I'm using crazy hyperbole, I know, but Fiora's kit is so incredibly weak right now considering her potential; her ult gives her survivability and presence at the start of a teamfight, while she's strong enough to clean up afterward with little trouble. She could be an effective Melee DPS. All she needs is a ton of QoL fixes.
Why is Fiora not viable?

"She is prone to ganks. Her passive is trash and she does nothing but ult." (Maknoon)http://www.esfiworld.com/maknoon-ama-translated/

KotlettDrake 01-23-2013 04:51 PM


KotlettDrake 01-23-2013 05:15 PM


Cerulean Laser 01-23-2013 05:20 PM

Buff her because you <3 her. I agree with any buff she gets. Fiora's matchups are suppose to be skill based. She should be countered that hard by Malphite....especially if he is good.

KotlettDrake 01-23-2013 05:33 PM


Originally Posted by Cerulean Laser (Hozzászólás 33825416)
Buff her because you <3 her. I agree with any buff she gets. Fiora's matchups are suppose to be skill based. She should be countered that hard by Malphite....especially if he is good.

true but shes not even a niche pick. she just doesnt exist in competitive play at all

Zer0axis 01-23-2013 05:35 PM

I don't normally post in these threads. But I tend to agree with the need for some changes.

She was a decent (still is in very particular circumstances) champion on release. Could be used in top and mid with some skill and have a decent win rate.

Currently with the AD Caster renewal and the HP stacking Bruiser meta currently, Fiora is somewhat stuck.
She acts like a bruiser but works like an AD Caster. Without the massive burst of an AD Caster and the ability to hold against a bruiser there's really no place for her.

Most noticeably is her terrible passive that doesn't scale well at all.

Red input on some idea's regarding this would be good.

MrKitten 01-23-2013 05:40 PM

Make riposte block on hit effects

She becomes 10x more viable/fun/better.

Teemo wants to blind me? HAHA NO I TIMED MY W RIGHT

KotlettDrake 01-23-2013 06:08 PM


Originally Posted by MrKitten (Hozzászólás 33826192)
Make riposte block on hit effects

She becomes 10x more viable/fun/better.

Teemo wants to blind me? HAHA NO I TIMED MY W RIGHT

im pretty sure teemo's q is a spell not an on hit like gp q or ez q. and It does already block those.

Morello 01-23-2013 06:19 PM

We agree with the W blocking on-hits. We're going to try and test this :)

TheEnygma 01-23-2013 06:22 PM


Originally Posted by Morello (Hozzászólás 33827735)
We agree with the W blocking on-hits. We're going to try and test this :)

Can you maybe give something else for the W too? Like whoever she parries, she gains increased x for a few seconds? I play a bunch of Fiora but either she has the damage but not the survivability or she builds tanky but doesn't really do anything because damage is kinda poor.

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