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zWilky 01-22-2013 10:30 AM

Are these champs viable ranked
I've been playing lol for about 4 months and would like to start playing solo que ranked. I know how to play top/mid fairly well as those are my 2 main roles and I know adc/jungle/support.

So what I'm really asking is can you guys look at these champs I've selected for each role and tell me if any are bad/not viable in ranked anymore.

Top: vi, teemo, jax, kennen, xin

Mid: yi, kat, ahri, LB, Ryze

Jungle: Olaf, xin, vi, Kha

Adc: vayne, ez, twitch.

Support: Lulu, sona, Leona

Shamble 01-22-2013 10:44 AM

Kha'Zix just took a hit from the nerf bat. I, personally don't own him, so you may want to play some normals and get a feel for what changed.

wrsthnsatn667 01-22-2013 11:01 AM

I like Kha'zix better as a laner, but he works in the jungle as well. AD Casters are taking over middle, so I prefer Kha in middle as opposed to top. Kha is viable. Even with the nerf, he is still very strong, but he cannot wipe the floor like it's his business like he used to, but he still does a nice job of it if played right.

Top: Vi is hit or miss, you have to play her right (as with most champions). If you get countered, you're pretty useless, if win your lane and build tanky enough, you're pretty solid. Teemo is the same for virtually every possible lane: He counters a LOT of people, but if they kill you first then they counter you. Just stay ahead and don't give them advantage, and scale to be super annoying. Kennen's ult is pretty awesome. I've seen Warmog's kennen builds, where he doesnt have excessive damage, but he stays alive incredibly to where he can still get his stuff off, and his ult is a game changer for team fights. Xin is viable as well.

Mid: Yi is and is not. AP Yi is annoying. He's generally not viable, but if you get an assist or kill in team fight with your ult, then you just spam Q and get a penta. Kat is very good, 1 assist or kill in a team fight means your team wins the team fight (unless you screw up). Just make sure they dont have a lot of hard CC or silences. Ahri is great when played well. She's viable all-around, and if you do well, you can carry well. Leblanc is an anti-carry. She poops on the mid lane AP carry to shut them down, but come late game she falls off big, as all you need is a little MR, a hard CC, or some survivability, and she's no worry. Not recommended unless you can build a huge advantage early for your entire team. Ryze is a hypercarry middle. Survive through lane phase, don't die, and just keep building items with what you can.

Jungle: Olaf is always great, and even better against hard CC teams. Use your ult to pick people off while your whole team is disabled, so that they dont get 2-4 seconds of free hits on your team. Build health. Xin is viable here, can be difficult to gank and secure kills with, but once you get it down, you kick ass. Vi is also viable, I like her better in the jungle because you have safer gold income than being countered top lane. Kha'zix is a viable jungler, but usually his Evolve order is different, which is what makes him not as strong as in lane. His ganks are scary though.

ADC: Vayne is a hyper carry, just try not to die too often, because then you take far too long to get to the hypercarry mode, and their ADC will whomp you if your team can't peel. Positioning is huge on her, do it well and you can win easy. Ez is the most popular champion in the game. He's a safe pick, safe farmer, easy escapes, and positioning isn't as clutch as it is on other champs. Twitch is tricky, but very viable. A lot of people don't like him because he is squishy, but the only 2 items you need are IE and PD. Stay alive, and ult to do massive damages in team fight. Learn how to play him is the key here, he's a great ADC.

Support: Sona is viable, good in team fights. Lane phase is tricky because she is very easy to kill, so you're against a Taric, they will likely focus you over your ADC because you are an easier kill, and then 2v1 for them is easy. Don't get caught out, Ult in team fights and win hard. Lulu is trickier to play, her Ult makes or breaks a lot of fights. It also baits them into dives. You're low, they think they can dive you under tower, so they take a few hits, you ult, gives you more health and a temporary CC on them, then the tower finishes them off. Much like Twitch, learn her playstyle and you'll do fine. Leona is very viable because she has MASSIVE amounts of CC. However, I notice often that if Leona gets behind early, she pays for it. A couple early kills keeps her a level or 2 behind, and from there she is an easy target. If you don't get behind, then she's crazy because she is a tank that increases your teams damage with her passive, and her CC is ridiculous in team fights. They can't peel for whoever they need to if you catch the right target.

OriginalJack 01-22-2013 11:12 AM

Those are mostly good. I might get another tanky support like taric. Taric is super easy to play and he's cheap IP-wise. Sometimes you might want to be tanky but not as aggressive as leona wants to be. Nunu is worth picking up too.

You ADC choices.... Ez is good but there's a good chance they might pick him before you do so make sure you are comfortable going against ez with vayne or twitch. Also I'm one of those people that thinks twitch isn't very good but don't let that that convice you to stop playing him if you like him.

Method1cal 01-22-2013 12:27 PM

Vi and Kha are a little weak in early game jungle in my opinion, but thats not to say they aren't viable. Yi is probably ok for mid if you're good with him, he isn't played much in ranked so hes never banned and rarely taken.

zWilky 01-22-2013 12:40 PM


Thanks for your response, best response to any post ive ever had, i really appreciate the time and effort u put into it

and it also helped me a ton so thanks again! =)

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