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KoopaBlizzard 01-21-2013 09:40 PM

[Solution] Store Problem
Hey guys I've been seeing a lot of the store problems and such. I had it too. It's likely a bug with IE (which the store uses)

Anyways, here's a link to microsoft fix it. https://go.microsoft.com/?linkid=9657448

Close LoL, run this, restart your computer and it should be working again. It fixed mine! :D

EDIT: This is a solution to the problem about the store not reading your Ip right, I tried it and it worked.

KoopaBlizzard 01-21-2013 09:45 PM

Bump for the solution.

I Am Kyren 01-21-2013 09:54 PM

Thanks a ton :D

Bar Of Soap 01-21-2013 09:55 PM

didnt work for me :(

TomarkTheGreat 01-21-2013 09:55 PM

Did not fix it for me.

TheNeddie 01-21-2013 09:58 PM

Didn't work whatsoever.

Gsniper 01-21-2013 10:01 PM

No fix for me either.

CiLLiCa 01-21-2013 10:11 PM


Stokley 01-21-2013 10:15 PM

has this worked for anyone?

I Am Kyren 01-21-2013 10:17 PM

i thought it would for me but it didnt

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