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Jotace 01-21-2013 07:42 PM

The thing that i hate the most about this game.
Isn't the toxic players.

Isn't the adobe air client.

Isn't bugs or anything related.

Isn't Teemo. Or Darius.

Is this matchmaking system, and this is why.

I get it, the more matchs i win, the stronger my enemies will be, the system doesn't wants me to win forever and i need to "level up".

BUT Why the system has been made to match you with less skilled players the more you win?.

Let's say, you have a winning streak of 10 matchs, then you lose 15, and after those 15 matchs you just want to cheer yourself and get a win, but you can't, you just lost some of your elo/hidden elo and now you're paired with more less skilled players.

Y Riot? why the system has been made to be paired with players with a streak of lossing games when you're having a winning streak? :/

Fwizzard 01-22-2013 06:04 AM

Yes, it's a good thing Riot is coming out with an new rating system!

Even with the current system your comments don't really make sense.

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