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bloks 01-21-2013 07:00 PM

Fix ranked
I'm tired of ranked games. I was decent elo but then I had 12 straight games of afkers. I can not carry a 3v5/4v5. Then last game I played I was winning my lane until the jungler (who was a troll) started to feed all the opposing players. Please fix the elo loss system. I have lost over 200 elo from losses much outside my control. Make elo based on individual performance, not team performance, at least for really low elo. The last 6/7 games that were 5v5, no afkers, no trolls, I have won and climbed back to where I should be in elo, but most games are afkers at this point. Make loss prevented or much much more severe consequences for leavers/trolls of ranked.

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