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Darrkor 01-21-2013 06:15 AM

Wukong or talon CANT DECIDE!!!
im coming up to the 6300 ip mark and i want to unlock one but i just cant make up my mind. I would probably take talon mid since i like doing ad mid and i would take wukong top havent seen him go mid or know if he even can effectively. My plays style leans more to yi or panth type champs but i like playing cho as well only ap champ im any good with (never do ap yi it disgusts me to the core). Thoughts, tips, help would be greatly appreciated thanks.

JuiceyJay 01-21-2013 06:21 AM

Had talon for while, fun, but I've never really liked him much, recently bought wukong(always have the habit of calling him wutang) and just find him more enjoyable for my play style.

Shadgam 01-21-2013 06:33 AM

Id pick Wukong his W is really funny to use and he fits my playstyle

IxanWitfar 01-21-2013 07:22 AM

I play talon mid and he counters just about all ap mid casters. He is a bursty champion early game and mid game. Late game he can take out adc and apc in one combo if don't at right time. And he can take chunks out of tanks late game if built correctly. He has allot of utilities to escape. His w slows and his ulti makes him move faster and go invisible. My favorite champion by far. But its up to you I was just letting you know a little about talon. Good luck with your choice :)

Armstice 01-21-2013 08:41 AM

Dark, it's more a matter of playstyle. Wukong is quite a bit tankier than Talon, they both prefer a hit and run playstyle but the difference is Talon goes for a quick kill then ults out, Wu goes for some quit damage and ults into a team. You really just need to decide if you want to be able to take abuse or not.

TERRORIST WlNS 01-21-2013 04:01 PM

Wukong is mostly a top laner and talon is usually mid but he can also top but he's mostly effective mid if he's against ap squishes. I don't have wukong but I tried him out once when he was free for a week long time ago and he is very fun so is talon

Sir Bulldog 01-21-2013 04:53 PM

I have never played Talon, so I can't give an opinion on him.

As for Wukong, he is really fun to play. His w can be used offensively and defensively. Sometimes you can just stop moving and watch the enemies walk just past you thinking that you had used your w.

He is pretty tanky because of his passive, and therefore excels in teamfights. He can get harassed by a ranged champion top, but he can outlane most other melees with a few exceptions.
Wukong can also support, but that isn't very common.

Mich567 01-21-2013 05:02 PM

Of the 2, Wukong is better. Talon is a basic counter mid in this meta... I really don't like him much, while Wukong is a better top... Wukong has a great ult, and as long as you're not countered by say... Teemo top, you can always win. Check out my friend's ranked stats with him...
But once again, Darius, Yorick (both are potent top champions as long as you're not countered), Graves (incredible burst and some natural tankiness), maybe Jayce, Lee Sin (OMG HES 4800 NOW)... btw, I like Garen top as long as you're not countered. Check my ranked stats with him :D...

Zaphery 01-21-2013 05:12 PM

I'd say Wukong just because he looks more fun in my opinion.

Inferno Ace 01-21-2013 05:22 PM

Well Yi used to be my main and I own Talon and Wukong but I prefer wukong over talon because his e+q combo is like every few seconds and decoy is so funny to juke with. For mid Talon might be better but tomorrow Wukong will be free so why don't u try him out and see if u like him, if not buy Talon

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