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talentednot 01-20-2013 12:34 PM

Deus Gaming LF Players
Deus Gaming

Deus Gaming is a new gaming communtiy looking for members who want to join a fun/friendly atmosphere of people to game with. I'm currently seeking people who want to join the League of Legends section, either competitivley or casually. Our goal is to have at least one if not multiple teams competeting competitivley by the end of season 3, in preparation for season 4 qualifiers. So if youre interested in joining in the hopes of being a part of a motivated, dedicated team, apply at: http://deusgaming.com/ and contact me on LoL.

What we are looking for:
-Dedicated indivduals, people who will put the time and effort into playing and practicing with the team.
-Maturity, People who are going to bring a positive attitude and mindset to the community.
-Motivation, People who are going to strive to succeed and better themselves and the team.

-Teamspeak with working mic
-Respectful, in and out of game.
(If you're interested in competetive play, the following is also required):
-The ability to travel and participate in LAN events with enough notice.
-The availability to practice and maintain a set practice schedule (barring any serious real life events)
-Interpersonal Skills (The ability to communicate and work with other people).
-At least 18 years old.
Once again if you're interested, please go to http://deusgaming.com/ and apply, also contact me in LoL @ Gloriforus. Feel free to PM me in game as well with any questions or concerns.

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