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Lukky Ch4rmz 10-20-2010 11:23 PM

Most Epic Interview. (a bit long but well worth it)
I hope this sheds some light to the thought process of some people who we play this game with.

After dealing with the most raging and screaming i have ever heard, and accepting the friend request i notice his status says that he plays with god players only.


Lukky Ch4rmz (11:50): "with god players only" ??? LOL
***what does that mean

******** (11:50): .
***good then but not lower then that
***i dont wanna have normal or nubs
***better then good or god
***not less
Lukky Ch4rmz (11:51): alright

******** (11:51): well not into prem of 5 ranked
***my teamates last 3 ranked prem of 5 losted cause 4 OF THEM WAS FEEDING LIKE WTF

Lukky Ch4rmz (11:52): its a crapshoot

******** (11:52): cant fkin win carrying 4 feeders even with one god

Lukky Ch4rmz (11:52): thats what a team game with random teammates is

******** (11:52): you still need at leest one good and one god to win
***thats why i dont want my friends to inv me with fkin f*gs
******damit come on 5 prem should be the onnly rank sh*t carefull
***dude nvm you never hosted yet
***means you dont know 5 good players most of the time who could rank and carry all
***rare neways
*** (11:54): got maybe 6 hosters on 300 players in my friendlist
***and if i would ask ne1 in prem of 5 each time i ask if they good they always say yes
***i gotta ask for more then good or ill get pubs
*** (11:56): cant fkin permite that with my heimer rank
***how much friends you got
***lol 24 assist as sona

Lukky Ch4rmz (11:58): everyone thinks they are good

******** (11:58):
***i know
***itsoo gay

Lukky Ch4rmz (11:58): idk how many i have
***i dont play with anyone but my roomates

******** (11:58): wish people would stop lying sh*t about it i could win then
***i dont care for duo ranks thought
***only 5 rank neways

Lukky Ch4rmz (11:59): then make your own team of god players and you will win everything
***you have like hundreds of them to choose from

******** (12:00): yeh i know
***i used to do that

Lukky Ch4rmz (12:00): how did it go?

******** (12:00): inviting only my own friends in game and we were just winning each of them. we were always winning

Lukky Ch4rmz (12:00): you should have went to wcg then

******** (12:00): was tretning (I have no idea what this means) to erase those who would make us fail the game so
***we couldnt lose any games
***yeh well no one asked me for that
***im not gona run to some stupid chalenge game neways

Lukky Ch4rmz (12:01): sounds like you could have won it all

******** (12:01): cant find a permenent god team neways
***yeh well i just cant see how i could fail unless i have 4 feeders

Lukky Ch4rmz (12:02): maybe you should ask the forums for all god players to join your team

******** (12:02): pfff
***fk that **** they just gona all say yes
***fkinf*gs who wantsd to be carried
***no way

PonyPony56 10-20-2010 11:32 PM

Ive played with this guy myself. He raged the entire time from the queue to the end. I went 10/4/13 with lux, and my buddy went 19/3/? with twitch. He went 2/8/20 with time jesus, but still found a way to call us feeders and nubs >:(. I swear he has over 3000(YES 3000) games played! You would think someone talking that much trash would have at least something to back it up right? Plus he isn't even ranked; i just dont understand these people and where they get off on there "GOD MODE" rants.

ThanksToTheBay 10-20-2010 11:51 PM

I wish i could play with this guy. He sounds like a true LOL GOD

GoD FoRSaKeN 10-20-2010 11:57 PM

hmm... unknown guy thinks he is pro, sounds quite familiar.. but then again... there is a reason he cant seem to catch a break :-P

Shakra 10-21-2010 12:01 AM


Originally Posted by GoD FoRSaKeN (Hozzászólás 3577994)
hmm... unknown guy thinks he is pro, sounds quite familiar.. but then again... there is a reason he cant seem to catch a break :-P

said by the man with god actually in his name ;p

(yes i read the rest of the name, but i chose to be oblivious to that part)

Lukky Ch4rmz 10-21-2010 11:53 AM

He had like 1300+ normal wins and 300 ranked but was still unranked ;(

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