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TidesOfLogan 01-20-2013 09:16 AM

Why do people think Poppy isn't viable? (DISCUSSION THREAD)
Recently bought Poppy because I had leftover IP and I've enjoyed her play. She's like Irelia with way more damage. Just get into the carries face, ult support and proceed to take no damage.
I'm timid about taking her into ranked though. I know that I shouldn't let what other people say influence my decisions, but I feel like there's a reason I never see her. Her ult and passive make her a hard anti carry though.
Anyone want to elaborate in poppy s problems?

Aringhe 01-20-2013 09:18 AM

Because her early game is horrible. If she doesn't get a stun off on a wall, she's going to take much more damage than her enemy. After the initial 10 minutes or so, Poppy starts becoming on-par with other champions. After ~20-30 minutes of getting equal or more farm than her enemy, she starts to show how undisputablely strong her late game is.

If you can get to late game, she's extremely strong. Otherwise, she's pretty underwhelming.

TidesOfLogan 01-20-2013 09:24 AM

That makes sense. Your stun/q combo will take off a a chunk of health. I guess she's just risky. It's like picking Nasus or Veigar, you screwed your team if you can't make it into late game.

stardweller 01-20-2013 09:34 AM

But the problem is getting late game with her. She can be strong, but if you get out played even once you can see yourself getting behind and then the opponent can bully you without being hindered. I think she needs a little bit of a buff to really be a little better with some newer champs. She is strong, but just falls behind too easily.

TidesOfLogan 01-20-2013 09:36 AM

Bump poppy sleeper op.

TidesOfLogan 01-20-2013 09:36 AM

If boobs are OP does that make poppy UP?

TidesOfLogan 01-20-2013 11:12 AM

On a side note, thoughts on syndra since the release? This should be a new thread but I refunded her immediately because it was awful. Hee combo is much more fluid now and single target burst potential is unreal.

I love her now.

EnderDDT 01-20-2013 02:01 PM

I have to agree with what was said before, she is good (even op) if you can get her to late game but very weak early game. If you want her to be buffed early game, as she so desperately needs, she will need to be nerfed late game. Most likely that will mean her ulti ends if you attack a champion other than the one you used it on, a hard change now but would not be so bad if she didn't have to struggle to keep up early game.

That said she isn't exactly weak when she isn't shutdown; her pasive halves most big damage, she has a move speed boost, she has a defense boost, a percentage damage, a reposition (which is a short form of a knockup meaning it breaks chaneling), a conditional stun, and the ability to ignore most of a team for 6-8 seconds. If shutting her down wasn't so big of a problem than she would definitely be too much.

Ark Shadowdusk 01-20-2013 02:21 PM

I used to love poppy but her early game is nasty. She sucks horribly until late game. So far the only thing I have ever seen her good for is ganking squishy champions like the ADC and APC. Shes a pure assassin. You can't just charge in headfirst in team fights with her despite what people tell you. She's not a tank. You need to play her like Katarina or Hecarim. Her ultimate was designed to take out champions in the back. What I see most people do when playing her is target the heavier champions like the tanks and supports, then claim poppy is too weak. I agree Riot could buff her early game a bit more. But you build her right and play her carefully and you get a sick assassin late game.

CerealBoxOfDoom 01-20-2013 02:31 PM

because she has a bad earlygame a bad midgame and a counterable endgame. the only way to fix it is teamwork and a workable teamfight strategy which isnt that hard, its just that nobody wants to or people would rather use other, similar champs. On top of that its hard to place her on teams. Basically if you arent planning on a 2 hour long game then poppy is not for you.

To make poppy viable you will need 3 things
1. an earlygame strategy to get her started even if the lane gets raided by 4 enemies a few times (currently she struggles to farm even without a visable enemy in lane if you consider the possiblity of getting ganked)
2. a teamcomp that can use poppy (regardless of what level she is)
3. A specific job for her that no other champ can't easily do better. (basically her power is irrelevant, you need to utilize her utility to the fullest)

commonly mentioned positions/ pipe dreams for her are jungle and toplane
her best roles are irelia style teamfight offtank assassin and teamfight bodyguard. The whole bodyguard thing is actually hardest to counter.

Off the top of my head, poppy's best use is as a post laningphase counterpick to some of the more unusual teamfight champs like
any champ that satillites the main fight during teamfights looking to pick champs off especially nonassassins with no assassin abilites pretending to be assassins (mostly fighters and teemo)
Hp restoration dependant "hypercarries" that are "in the frey" of the battle (remove their ability to damage you then remove them from the frey where they thrive)
the above includes champs like jax, talon or eve

but none of this matters if you cant get poppy everything she needs. Currently the only serious position for her is countercarry with urgot which also isnt terribly viable

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