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Lyethal 01-19-2013 10:04 PM

New Champion Idea
Now i know that the LoL design teams and their are probably hundreds of fans and players that have Champion ideas for the League staff but i figured id give it a shot and post an idea for a new champion for the league roster.

Now i have not thought of a character name yet, or what he/she should look like; but id prefer it to be male. Skills have no names yet either so id leave most of the stuff up to the design and league staff if they wanna use this champion idea so with out further adue lets get started shall we?

Passive- Reduces nearby champions armor (like fiddles passive but armor instead of m. res)

Q- Creates a wave of energy in front of the Champion dealing damage in a cone (Much like Kha Zix's w when upgraded) Q does Magic Damage and increases based on Bonus AP ratio.

W- Slams the ground with earth shaking force rooting nearby enemy champions in place and creating a shield around the champion (like Jarvans w but root instead of slow)

E- Switches between a 2-handed buster blade and Dual wielding Swords (while dual wielding the champion sacrifices attack damage to gain a bonus to attack speed. while 2-handed the champion sacrifices attack speed to gain a bonus to attack damage.) Toggled.

R- Channels for a short time to summon giant swords from the sky, after a short period of time the swords crash down on each enemy champion deal Physical Damage. (This Ultimate is the same as Karths Ultimate except it deal Physical Damage instead of Magic Damage) R does Physical Damage and increases based on a Bonus AD ratio.

Well that about does it, i dont mind if the skills are tweeked or whatever but that was my idea for a new champion. i didnt know where to put it so i figured id just throw it up on the forums. Thank you for your time and consideration maybe. Untill next time this is Lyethal signing off :D

Zarkof 01-20-2013 01:01 AM

re-read the sticky post for this forum, and then realize what you're trying to do.

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