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Jeffisabigidiot 01-19-2013 12:18 PM

Map Skins
I recently was watching a friend of mine play dota 2. And well I didn't really seem to care for it except for one thing. I think the map looked really cool. I've been getting real sick of this same old map and the only thing that looks tempting about it at all is the fact that the map looks different therefore i'de be excited to play it.

I'm not suggesting a new map, but just the same map that has a different skin to it like winter fire, or whatever else. I know that they do occasionally do temporary map changes but then it always goes back to the same old one. And don't get me wrong I do like the old map just I would like it to be different every once in a while.

There are many different ways that I think it could be implemented.
1. Something that you could buy for yourself like ward skins, that it could only be visible to you so you could choose whatever map you like. (i'm not sure if programming would be too difficult on this one or not)
2. Have a non-mandatory vote at the beginning where anyone who cares enough could take a vote on what map skin to use.
3. Or my favorite where let's say they come out with 3 new maps skins for the game. There would be a 1/10 probability to get one of those maps. So you would have a 3/10 probability to get a new map, and then a 7/10 probability to get the old map. Would allow for epicness on the times that you actually do get to play on one of the new skins.

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