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Medusa 01-18-2013 08:13 PM

My thoughts on Jade Fang Cass
Not that this hasn't been said elsewhere, but she is my favorite.

Biggest issue for most people is the two massive jade snakes on either side of her head. They almost look like two blunt jade horns, which looks quite odd. If they moved around a bit more that would probably help.

I hope the decision to just have two was because of her skill Twin Fang and not because having more would be "to much work". We all know what inspired Cass so lets not beat around the bush that you added to few snakes. I just pray that you make good on her Legendary skin whenever that happens. Her ult will always be an issue if riot keeps doing like they have been. Mythic and Jade Fang its just a transparent face that has no depth. The problem is its only good looking if you are ulting down, any other direction and you cant hardly tell what it is. Also last what, 1 sec? maybe less. Thats just silly.

I find it hard to understand how you can put so much work into something like S.E.X, a champ that hardly anyone plays. You cant have made that much on it.

Also the skills with the most noticeable change last an incredibly short time that it really looks like a cop out. Why not make the Miasma cloud jade colored, you make a frozen themed Brand and Annie skin, if that makes sense then these suggestions sure do.

NB is fine as is

This stuff should change
-a change to her ult, so you can actually notice what it is (something with depth perhaps?) make the image last 1 sec longer perhaps?
-change Twin Fang so its actually something people notice. you cant tell its snakes atm
-more snakes on head
-turned to jade when stunned
-Miasma as a jade colored cloud

Pretty much i just hope someone with involvement on this skin would comment on the things some of us have a gripe about. Why in the world would you put so much work into the things people hardly notice on this skin, skill wise. People dont notice her ult, people dont notice her Twin Fang as it is currently.

I just hope you guys are saving the good skin for her legendary because this does not cut it.

Luninareph 01-18-2013 11:26 PM

I really like it, actually...particularly that fan-dance recall :D

Medusa 01-20-2013 10:25 AM

that recall could be done to anyone, nothing to special buy yes it does look good.

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