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RQ Kiwi 01-18-2013 04:49 PM

[Minor] Gold display error when purchasing blue/red pots
Theres a minor display error occurring with Rage/Brilliance consumables in the shop.

When you refresh the duration of a red/blue consumable, the shop acts as if the potion cost 500g, and displays a loss of 500g in your in-shop gold total (gold total in the bottom left displays the correct gold). This display error corrects itself after a few seconds. This bug only occurs when refreshing the duration of a consumable by purchasing a new one when you already have one activated. This only occurs when you have 6 items.

Steps for reproduction

1. Purchase 6 items
2. Purchase a consumable
3. Refresh the duration of the consumable you just purchased by purchasing another one before the previous one ends
4. Gold display error occurs

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