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Chilly5 01-18-2013 01:54 AM

Make "Summoned" animations! Riot pls
From what I've seen on the PBE. Quinn&Valor has a respawn and summon animation! When the game loads, Quinn sends Valor loose from her arm

Plain and simple TL;DR - Give League Champions Super Smash Bros style entrances for when they spawn/respwan.

Aether Kayle should "fly" down to the fountain or Khazix could "un-camoflauge" at the beginning of the game to enter the field.

Riot pls

Other ideas:
Leona/Diana beamed down by Sun/moon light
Malphite rises out of the ground
Malzahar floats up out of the void (floats forward?)
Elise rappels down
Ezreal Arcane Shifts into the fountain from somewhere else
Zed walks out of a shadow
Lulu's hat poops her out
Kayle flaps down from above
Morgana flaps up from below
Kassadin voids in
Khazix does his de-camo in
Rengar gets up from prowling "rrrrrrrrr"
Yorick digs himself out of the ground

For more down-to-earth champs it'd be some kind of "I'm ready" animation:
Riven gets up from tebowing
Garen pulls his sword out of the ground
Darius jerks his axe out of the ground
Jarvan IV tightens his gloves
Rumble boots up his robot
Annie pulls plush Tibbers out of her backpack (gets off magic school bus with tibbers the bus driver?)
Teemo plops down and "Ash Ketchum's" his hat
Pantheon bashes his shield *a-ouh a-ouh*
Rammus ...
Draven "whoo whoo!"
Vi points upwards then does that "punch fist into other hand" thing

Any other ideas? :D

Reasons to convince you - original thread (more detail): http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/...ight=introduce
direct quote:

Originally Posted by Chilly5 (Hozzászólás 33611720)
A lot of new Champion content (skins, champs, reworks etc) have included fancy "b" animations and death animations. In my opinion, some of these are a little superfluous (like sleigh belle kat's original b animation). I suggest some of the animation attention be dedicated elsewhere -->

The question is: How do the Champions enter the Summoners rift?
This new Dominion CG shows Jarvan being "ported up":http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uyd9jIjk-OY
However, in the real game, all 5 champions "start" at the fountain as though they were part of the foliage of Summoners rift. They don't even just "appear," they are simply "there" when the game loads. It makes the starting moments of the game significantly less exciting than it needs to be.

So I recommend: Introduce spawn animations.
It's similar to how in Super Smash Bros when a match starts, Star fox jumps down from his ship, or Luigi bloops up from a warp pipe.

To further this idea --> No need to waste productivity creating some complicated animation thats only seen once at the beginning of the match. Instead, why not just create "respawn" animations for all new champion content. In fact, some champion content in the game ALREADY have respawn animations. Such as:

Haunted Maokai (climbs out of the ground)-

Zombie Brand (climbs out of the ground)-

Thresh (his lantern comes up first, then Thresh comes up)-

These animations are great, and even work in context if they happened at the beginning of the match.
Since the lore gives a background on the champions and how the league came into being, it seems like a natural step in Riot's animation progress to create "spawn" animations. It's also another branch from which to give personality to champions.
-- MOBAs are no longer custom maps from a blizzard game, so why does League insist on retaining such vestiges as champs "appearing" on the field? --

Question - How do champions "appear" on summoners rift?
Answer - Make "Spawn" animations that show champions entering summoners rift.
Additionally - Spawn animations can just be "respawn animations" that play every time a champ spawns at fountain
Reason - Give extra flavor to beginning of game, add to champion personality.

**Of course I'm not expecting Riot to go through one by one updating every champ with new spawn animations, I'm just saying that for new champs/skins, spawn animations should be added to the list of cosmetic animations like b animations, etc.


Originally Posted by DragonPup (Hozzászólás 33625432)
How about when the game starts, the first 5 seconds are the champions doing their 'intro' locked into place? The start of spawning could be delayed by 5 seconds for minions and jungle camps to compensate. This'll also give players a few seconds to buy their starting items, too.


Originally Posted by Xulsigae (Hozzászólás 33633596)
Perhaps some doors or portals could be added to let the champs actually come in, rather than just have to appear if it doesn't make sense for them just to appear.

Additional ideas seen in this thread: (not quotes to save space. underlined some of the ones that I think are really neat)
Soraka descending from purple light
Shyvana breathes fire into the air, or she could descend down in dragon form and emerge from a fireball as human form kneeling like she braced for impact
Galio reanimates from his stone form.
Lux becomes tangible after flashing in from a ball of light/some kind of sparkling light effect.
Vayne tumbles in large cross bow drawn
Fiora could do a very fast series of practice jabs followed by a diagonal downward slash
Wukong breaks out of stone, or flies down on a nimbus.
Fizz should be asleep (like in his idle) before pulling himself up, because Fizz doesnt give a ****
Tryndamere's Sword falling down from nowhere then he follows afterward and picks it up
You just hear this distant "Aaaaaaaaaah" as it slowly gets louder and louder before Tristana lands her Rocket Jump on the fountain
Zyra emerges from a plant-like cocoon
Fiddlesticks is lying inanimate on the ground. His eyes glow, and like a puppet on strings, slowly gets up in an abnormal fashion
Kennen pops out of a ball of lightning
A ring of fire, and someone appearing from it. It is Brand, ready to set his enemies on fire.
The gates to the Void are opening... a fearsome Cho'Gath gets out of the portal and roars ferociously...
...Or it is a kinda jolly Kog'Maw, ready to feast?
The calm before the storm has ended. Master Yi stops his meditation and unsheathes his sword.
A whirlpool appears on the summoner platform. Nami slowly rises from the vortex, ready to battle.
What are those cards appearing from the ground? Wait, it's Twisted Fate using Gate to appear on the Fields of Justice.
Small orb of energy appears, crackles, then explodes, leaving Veigar standing where it was and cracked effects on the ground.
Talon, first you see a couple blades hanging in the air, then he appear's..( like his ultimate)
Nocturne comes in with the sound of a scream from a nightmare in the background
A ravenous flock of birds descend from above, swarming around a focal point. Swain steps out from their midst.
A soot-covered Ziggs ungracefully bounces in from offscreen, landing on his behind.
Leblanc steps out of a mirror
Miss Fortune blows her guns *the smoke is heartshaped* and send a kiss
Xerath Appears in an Arcane barrage (or perhaps breaks out of chains?)
Nautilus - Anchor rises into the air and pulls him up (dragged from the depths?)
Volibear - Lightning strikes the platform and he steps out of it
Karthus - Multiple ghost swarm together and form him
Gragas - Starts sleeping on his side with the casket next to him then gets up, grabs the casket and takes a swig
Mundo can just walk in from the direction of the enemy nexus.
Vladmir comes into the game rising from a pool of blood
The animation starts with a portal of shining light opening on the ground. Out from the portal comes out Taric fully naked, his "shame"covered by a bright glow. He levitates above the portal with his arms outstretched to either side as multicolored gems fly out from the portal. The gems spin around him before slamming into him, forming his armor. Then, he slowly falls to the ground, casually lowering his arms as his hammer and shield fly out the portal before closing. He grabs them, flips his ponytail behind him, then takes his pose. (this idea...Jesus Christ so much win...)
Anivia's egg hatches.
Janna appears inside a tornado.
Ashe could step out of an icy portal and twirl her bow around

From messing around on the PBE,
It seems as though Quinn is another champion that was released with respawn animations!
When she respawns she reaches out her arm and sets Valor loose.
Phoenix Quinn does some kind of spin-fire-move out of the ground.
What's more, it seems as though this "setting valor loose" animation plays at the beginning of the game as well...is Quinn the first champion in this game to feature a "summon" animation?
(I believe it's just the respawn animation played at the beginning of the game, but for some reason it's missing on Phoenix Quinn, has me wondering if summon animations will be separate from respawn animations)

* Over 100 upvotes! huzzah!
** Over 200 upvotes!
*** W00t! Over 300 upvotes! Riot pls!

Jack The Fapper 01-18-2013 02:02 AM

This would be pretty cool.

Chilly5 01-18-2013 02:02 AM

link to original thread...http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/...ight=introduce

Ayketh 01-18-2013 02:03 AM

I can get behind this.

Zorasama 01-18-2013 02:05 AM


kieronz 01-18-2013 02:06 AM


Originally Posted by Jack The Fapper (Hozzászólás 33613204)
This would be pretty cool.

^ Agreed

Cammy Ho 01-18-2013 02:12 AM

It sounds great but way too much work for the animation team.

Chilly5 01-18-2013 02:12 AM

gad damit already more replies than the original thread...

Chilly5 01-18-2013 06:21 AM


Dryad Soraka 01-18-2013 06:22 AM

soraka descending from purple light PLS
or light like her Wish animation

just descending because when she recalls she is ascending.

+1 badass idea

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