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Burning Ignition 01-17-2013 10:08 PM

PvP.net kernel patcher help please
When it is time to enter the loading screen, my LoL just shuts down, and when i try to relog so i dont miss to much of the game it says pvp,net kernel patcher stop working, and i cant relog for a while, happened twice today and im afraid i may end up banned for being afk if this keeps happening, any advice on this please?

Aregionius 01-18-2013 06:52 AM


Try running through these fixes,

I get a RADS error - Could not to connect to HTTP server / Patcher Kernel Stopped Working
1. Close out your game/patcher, hit ctrl+alt+delete and make sure all instances of LoL.Launcher are gone, then restart the patcher process and let it sit.
2. Go to your Riot Games/RADS/System folder under your default install path, and run the rads_user_kernel.exe file, then try starting your patcher.
3. Try deleting your LoL_Air_Client folder (the default install path for this folder is c:\Riot Games\RADS\Projects) and then repatching.
3. See this article, About changing to a public DNS
4. Replace <install directory>/RADS/system/rads_user_kernel.exe, with this file
5. Try installing, Microsoft Dot NET Framework 4.0 and, Dot NET 3.5

NigelRegal 01-23-2013 04:21 PM

I ran the EXE as administrator and it worked.

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