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BigBossBob 01-17-2013 07:30 PM

Building Garen Tanky But Powerful
I'm currently doing plenty of planning for how I will be playing Garen in my upcoming games, and I am looking for people who know how to build Garen properly.

I am looking now at the items listed on the pvp.net website, and I am thinking this will make a nice build for my next Summoners Rift game:

1. Begin game with either Doran's Shield or Blade, depending on the opposing team comp I suppose.

2. Boots (with cooldown reduction).

3. Get Avarice Blade ASAP to farm gold with it.

4. Get my hands on 2 Brutalizers to be built into The Black Cleaver and Youmuu's Ghostblade. (Black Cleaver first to get as much as possible from Avarice Blade).

5. Then get either a Spirit Visage, Warmogs, or Zeke's Herald, to become more tanky or if Zeke's, for my teams own benefit.

6. Purchase Guardian Angel.

At that point I would have:

1. Dorans Shield/Blade (one of them).
2. Boots of Lucidity
3. The Black Cleaver.
4. Youmuu's Blade.
5. Warmogs/Spirit Visage/Zeke's Herald.
6. Guardian Angel.

My logic is that Garen benefits greatly from the Cooldown Reduction from Boots, Cleaver, Youmuu's, and Zeke's, so using his Q and E will be more readily available while the damage is also increased for both of those. Additionally, the armor penetration provided from both the cleaver and youmuu's would be very nice as it would pierce most of anyone elses armor.

I also think that Garen does better with more damage per hit rather than smaller faster hits, so the Youmuu's Ghostblade makes not so much sense. The reason I want to get it is because it offsets the movement speed decrease from Judgement, making it available for use even while chasing an enemy. Perhaps there are other items to be considered to do this, however.

I chose Zeke's, Warmogs, or Spirit Visage because all of them work well with the tanking capabilities of Garen (Except perhaps Zeke's) Warmogs and the Spirit Visage both increase Garens healing from his passive in 2 different ways, but both doing the same. Perhaps Warmogs is the better option as it will provide the larger health pool in later situations.

Finally I chose Guardian Angel as it seems to fit most characters late game. It provides some good defense with the possibility of dodging a death and possibly a game ending death.

I am not at all saying this is a great build for Garen, just something I am thinking would work out "okay".

BigBossBob 01-17-2013 07:33 PM

Please post your opinions and suggestions if you are willing to help a newer player out.

ROOOOOAST 01-17-2013 07:54 PM

Heum, i played garen in s2, not in s3, but i can help you out a bit.
1) starting with boot so u sont get kited might be a good idea, but dorans are ok i guess

Lets talk about garen as a champ.
Passive : nice regen, force enemy top laner u fight you or you will just regen all ur hp.
Q MS boost, silence and deal more dmgthats your gap closer. So u got an AA assured.
W get u tanky, with ur high base hp, he doesnt need much tank item.
E spin to win, great early game, bad late game.
R great finisher.

What are garen strenght : in melee range deal absurd dmg early.
Great finisher/ks ult.
Is tanky with nothing.

What are his weakness : KITED SO HARD
Not a champ you want to fall behind with.
Bad late game *****

So now lets talk about different build option.

Consist of getting tanky, and ksing ppl with ur ult. WONT RECOMMAND.

2) the IM AN AD CASTER build
Consist of getting ad/ar pen so your e will fall off more late in the game
Probably the most popular build for him.
If u wanna go that way get celerity enchentent boot, black cleaver, last whisper, blood thirster, frozen mallet and guardian angel.

3) my build
Ok, so, my way of going garen is crit. Why? Because u got a great early game, great tankyness, so u can go with a late game build ans still win ur duel early.
2) a dorans blade
3) bruta
4) INfinity edge
5) phantom dancer
6) frozen mallet (you still need some tankyness) and the passive slow is great.
7) sell ur dorans and get a guardian angel
8 upgrade bruta to black cleaver or youmou thingy ( JUST IF U GOT IE/PD)

So ya, there are some option, but in general i would recommand going frozen mallet so you slow on every attack.

Hope it helped :D

BigBossBob 01-17-2013 08:00 PM

Thank you for you're guide I will try to use your expertise in my next game!

ROOOOOAST 01-17-2013 08:05 PM


DarkenDragon 01-17-2013 08:19 PM

i've been playing garen in the new season with some great success but I play on TT where the starting gold is much higher than in SR.

I focus on a crit centric build that will get upto about 50% crit chance and thus able to do massive damage with judgement in the end game.

I get crit marks, armor seals, and magic resistance glyphs and flat health quints
I go heavy into the defensive tree and making sure I get the cooldown reduction in the offensive and the offensive summoner spell enhancements.

the way I build him is I start off with boots and crit gloves, this will give me an early 10-15 % crit chance so that my judgement can get an extra burst of damage every so often putting the enemy off guard.

then I get enough to make it into an avarice blade for the gold generation and also the extra gold on kill, i'll try to get as many last hits as possible,

then i'll get 1 brutilizer once I have the cash for it, at this point I usually am able to use judgement to kill all the caster minions making farming easy.

then I get myself either a warden's mail or hex drinker depending on which damage type id heavier on the enemy team. the reason why I get warden's mail is if the enemy team has many auto attackers. im usually the initiator and thus get focused on early, so the warden's mail will help mitigate tons of damage plus it'll slow down their attack speed making it safer for the rest of the team. hex drinker is for teams with heavy magic nukes allowing me to survive the inital blow.

then i'll get a phage and at this point i'll either make it into a frozen mallet if I find myself getting nuked and dying too often, or I get a cloak of agility to bring my crit chance up to about 40% or so, at this point i'll have a full item set, meaning I wont be able to buy new items, instead i'll have to upgrade each item to it's final form instead of getting it's other components which also means that i'll need to farm for a lot of cash, but with the amount of damage plus the bonus gold I get, it doesnt take long.

so at this point i'll have boots (upgraded or not depending on how well i've been doing with plain boots)
Avarice blade (for tons of cash farming)
Brutilizer (for the extra damage and cooldown reduction.
Warden's mail/hex drinker (for the needed defense)
Phage (will turn into extra health and also a slow to keep enemies in the judgement's damage)
and agility cloak.

then at this point i'll be upgrading agility cloak to infinity edge for the massive amount of damage and crit chance. allowing me to farm a whole wave of minions with 1 judgement thus farm incredibly faster and also being able to dishout tons of damage to the enemy.

then phage into frozen mallet for the large amount of health and allowing decisive strike to slow your enemies and keep them within range of your judgement so they take full damage.

warden's mail into Randuin's Omen for extra health, and also a second slow to further keep your enemies within range of your judgement.
or if you went hex drinker, you get Maw of Malmortius so you get the extra shield to help you survive those heavy nukes, and also give you a good amount of damage boost when your low on health giving your judgement a more painful strike.

brutilizer into black cleaver cuz every stat on that item is a prime stat for garen and no other item would be better on him. if you are doing very well, you can actually upgrade this first before frozen mallet and omen/maw. especially if surviving isnt your problem.

and finally last item would be atma's impaler cuz you'll have quite a large amount of health to turn into damage, also giving you additional armor and the extra amount of crit to bring it up to 50% or more.

the great thing about this build is that it's very well rounded in damage and in defense, also all the starting items are cheap and helps you snowball well. each investment will greatly increase your capabilities to farm and to do massive damage to your enemies, thus giving you even more cash to make your arsenal that much better.

67chrome 01-17-2013 08:36 PM


Originally Posted by Saintswagger (Hozzászólás 33602030)
4. Get my hands on 2 Brutalizers to be built into The Black Cleaver and Youmuu's Ghostblade. (Black Cleaver first to get as much as possible from Avarice Blade).

The Brutalizer has 2 "unique" attributes, so getting 2 at once will cause you to only get the armor penetration and CDR of one. You're better off getting 1 Brutalizer, upgrading it, then picking up another.

Beyond that Garen is a bruiser that needs to survive long enough to bully enemies around and enough damage to kill things if he isn't dealt with. He doesn't have the CC and peeling capacity needed to tank, and he doesn't have the escape-mechanisims/invulnerability of assassins and carries to avoid defense outright. EHP and DPS stack multiplicativly with each-other anyways, so you might as well build both on Garen. 100+100 DPS on 1000+1000 HP will win against 100+200 DPS on 1000 HP and 100 DPS on 1000+2000 HP just by the fact that 2x2 is greater than 3x1 or 1x3. I'd probably say Black Cleaver, Frozen Mallet, and Guardian Angel offer a pretty solid core build for him. Atma's Impaler isn't bad after that, though as a bruiser feel free to swap anything out to counter-build the enemy.

Nishaven90 01-19-2013 03:03 PM

Infinity Edge is core on Garen, as his Q and E both crit.

WannaGoToSpace 01-20-2013 09:42 AM

Crit Garen can deal out great damage, but it's not really optimal. Personally I don't build crit on Garen since crit items + Black Cleaver + Frozen Mallet is too squishy a build, and I consider those two items to be essential. Cleaver is just perfect on Garen, and Mallet isn't just good, it's necessary- Garen has no CC outside of his silence, and the slow makes him that much stickier for when he charges to the enemy carry. IE's pretty good on him, but any crit build on Garen will have to have space/gold for tankiness, Mallet (hopefully), and armor pen (since that's how you win right now).

I wouldn't recommend Bloodthirster or Phantom Dancer, since he doesn't scale well with lifesteal or attack speed. The way I see it, if you get any appreciable sustain from Bloodthirster, you don't have enough health. I'd go Warmogs; it's very good right now and gives sustain.

Building Garen is all about finding a balance. Build too tanky, and the enemy team (if they're smart) will ignore you while you killsteal your teammates, never die, and blame your team for losing after going 4-0-0. Build too much damage, and you'll die too quickly to use it (you're not Talon). Executed properly, Garen can dish out great damage, while still being a sub-optimal focus point for the enemy team.

ZEZTEK 01-21-2013 12:25 AM

My tank+ AD biuld starts
1. Boots(Cool Down ones)
2. Warmogs
3. Hydra for farming and AD
4. Thornmail
5. Infinity edge
6. Spirit vissage
This biuld is great for me i can deal great AD while tanking. also health regen is i think around 50-60 a second after the biuld is done. even if im not fed i usally get around 10-3 kd with the biuld.

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