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Irish Red Cap 01-17-2013 08:06 AM

Nidalee, the uncatchable.
This isn't a thread about Nidalee being op. I play lots of Nidalee and love her kit much more than the other so called "transform" champs like Jayce and Elise.

The problem that I've noticed though playing with and against Nidalee's since S3 started was before the new items you could at least CC Nidalee enough even if she hits bushes to keep up with her which led to a higher skill cap for a champion that can really chunk out some damage pretty easily either in melee range or from decent range. However, with the introduction of Iceborn gauntlet, even after the cut backs on it's field duration and slow % a Nidalee that builds this is literally unable to be caught.

I know Iceborn is meant for champs that excel in kiting or chasing and I understand that concept but riot you should seriously consider changing Nidalee's passive to stop the utter abuse of this item. In a practice game with some friends I asked them to try to chase my Nidalee who ONLY had Iceborn as a test. They were a pretty well put together team with 3 major CC champions. Now as only a test I only had level 1 boots while they all had upgraded boots. Still while running I could easily change from cougar to human form and throw back 1 simple Autoattack while jumping into the nearest bush and even if they tried to cut me off by running ahead of my escape route a simple Q from cougar immediately destroyed all hopes of that.

The slow mixed with Nidalee's passive ability to outrun practically every champion with a free flash, thanks in part to pounce (but no issues with that ability), lets her kite an entire team and even if she is literally 1-5 HP she could escape as long as she can hit the jungle or a bush. Really I'd like some feedback or suggestions on maybe changing Nidalee's passive to something a little more constrained not a free 15% constant movespeed through bushes that last even 2 secs after she leave.

My thoughts were to maybe change her passive to something like a more hybrid passive. She already has pounce which is a wonderful ability that is like a free half-flash every 2 seconds letting her outrun everyone I don't see the purpose to her having another move speed increase from her passive.

Carry Me Darius 01-17-2013 08:14 AM

Singed is more uncatchable.

On topic yeah I can't tell you how many times I chunked for tons of damage just for her to use her cougar pounce to run away, however remember her teamfight presence isn't that great unless you hit all your massively slow moving spears before the fight starts.

Irish Red Cap 01-17-2013 08:25 AM

Well the difference with Singed running is if Singed is running he won't be able to dish out massive damage if he turns back around. Just don't chase him and he loses all damage, you stop chasing Nidalee and she can easily go from cougar to human and Spear max range blind jungle for full damage. If you see that hit, then it's beyond simple to catch people cause no matter where they run there are bushes and pounce/passive lets her catch people just as easily as run.

I know her skill shot is slow but unlike a lot of other pokes for the mana cost the damage is massive. If you can hit good spears from long range, more power to you. If you can't she can still spear close range and deal decent damage before cougar forming and pulling out her combo. Just doesn't seem fair that she can do that and hit a bush to get away unscathed if used properly.

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