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ToxicRatt 01-16-2013 04:26 PM

Asian Champ
6 Minutes Ago
Chao Hong-Yin

Asian Champ, Melee, Assassin

Passive: Health Regen while in combat 20/sec (combat defined as up to 2 seconds after last attack on Champion or being hit by Champion)
Q: Blink - 450 range 30/45/60/90/120 CD
W: Skill Shot - Staff Extend range 450 slow 10/13/16/19/22% 1 sec on target hit
E: Steroid - Passive AS increase 8/14/19/23/25 Active AS increase 30% passive lost while on CD 60/65/70/75/80
R: Staff Whirl - AOE Stun plus Scaling Dmg from AD @ .5 range 450

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