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PrimoVangolaa 01-16-2013 12:08 AM

Galio Carry (10thVangola new account)

well i had to deal with 2 premade trolls who both jungled and fed for the first 13min then once team said they will report and that they were screen shooting them how they were playing. they started to play.

The ali said hes a 1500 elo which he is, and to troll like that, was really annoying. anyway.

If u all remember how i explained how to play Galio and the way i said, well you get a score like this. i know im lvl 20 and im play with 20-30's but just here to show u.

If u want any tips to play galio please let me know.

Boagster 01-16-2013 12:23 AM

Honestly, this is nothing new. It's well known that Galio is an extremely solid AP champion with easy farming starting at level 4 or 5, who can excel as both carry and tank. He does especially well when used to counter enemy APs. His strengths are balanced by a lack of sustained DPS and single target removal, which most AP Carries bring at least one of to the table.

This is why you don't see him that often: most players are looking for that flashy champion that lets them wrack up kills or continue to lay on the hurt. Champions who are expected to stand there and take the hurt while they wait for their damage to come off cooldown are just less popular.

Not that I discourage you from trying to introduce more people to glories of Galio. He was my first true main and still remains as my standby for when I absolutely need to get a win to raise my spirits. He is fun, hard to kill, can easily handle a diverse number of situations and makes everybody else on the team perform better. Just remember that his power can easily be diminished by the enemy if they make sure there is no hard AP Carry for you counter and that they try to keep a ranged AD champion across from you (it doesn't necessarily need to be a carry, though).

PrimoVangolaa 01-16-2013 01:01 AM

I dont think so, i mean lee was fed and so was kat, but i was still able to shut them down and hurt there team to below 40% health, the way i build Galio is to do the dmg in a fight and hurt them so team can clean up, I know there are different galio build like AP only galio, tank galio and all MR galio.

But i like the way i build mine. He is a strong AP mid, and does do AP dmg, u jsut have to land Q and E lol.

KonkuruAllTheWay 01-16-2013 01:50 AM

Galio carry is pretty standard. I haven't seen a Galio who couldn't carry against strong mid laners such as Katatina. All in all nicely done, even I wouldn't say you carried by just looking at the scoreboard. Everyone was pretty much equal on your team. Also don't respond to people who troll like that. Just ignore their remarks and continue playing. Mute them if needed. Kids who brag about their ell then turn around and troll shouldn't be apart of this community in my opinion. So just ignore em and don't give them attention.

10thVangola 01-20-2013 10:50 PM

Thanks, Ya i do now.

Thank god for mute button. im in a game so i will post the results after.

10thVangola 01-20-2013 11:44 PM

why is i get trolls every game, in game he trolled hard (eve)

Would type and not play. Kept on Raging over me saying "please leave mid, push youre lane (Graves eve bot) because its being pushed (while my lane mid was already pushed they were defending while i went back to shop and was headed back to my lane)" He raged "Galios farm dont touch it" and blah and blah, 3v1 me vs fiddle, talon graves (ganked me by mid tower) i ulted dmg them to 30% health eve. next to where i am just standing typing still QQ and then goes "what did u want me to do" keep in mind she had full hp. Anyways sorry i didnt take a pic after game of score.
I went 6/9/12
Garen: 12/11/5
VI: 7/13/13
Ez: 14/9/13
and Eve: 5/10/20

I will post next game scores.

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