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Ions03 01-15-2013 07:38 AM

Random for all maps my idea!!!!!
All random game proposal!

Dominion / twisted treeline / summoners rift

Rules : first riot will have to determine the number of wins needed to unlock this mode... I say 700 wins allows you to unlock this mode they may choose 500 wins note wins not games played.... Why is this important???

All champions need to be unlocked for random to work on the other maps and allowing new players / lack of experEnce isn't welcomed of wanted... You need to be familure with the game.....

after you que your given a random champion u cant see the other team till the game starts... You can not switch but u can re roll.. In dota if u repick u lose gold... This is lol so instead ur. Summoner spells r down at the start!!!

Shrik11 01-16-2013 03:39 AM

Your idea...*Talks about in dota you repick and lose gold*
Good job

Ions03 01-16-2013 08:32 AM

i need to edit for grammar typing on my iphone was rather a pain..... I played 15k+ TDA random games and everyone knows if you -repick you lose gold.... Well this is LoL thus you lose Summoner spells at the start....

I also think after you win 100-200 Random games you can enter a ranked random que... the only difference is 3 random players get to 1 ban or champion (they do not have to ban if they don't want)

I also think league players need to come out of the shell that is the standard meta... most players don't want a random champion its a different skill set... Both skill sets r unique in there own way...

Some players can play 5-30ish champions really well... Which is cool

Some of us can play them all and don't mind the challenge of winning random games.... Its something i feel riot needs to do to push the player base to be better and add a fun new way to play a alrdy great game... I also would not expect riot to balance the game around all random.... its random the object is to win with any champion against any line up for the shear thrill of it... i would like a totally separate stats kept for random just to see who you get and what champions you need to work on! Ill take any champion any day any where i just wish more summoners felt the way i do!

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