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VietnamGuerrilla 01-12-2013 08:05 PM

Broken Tribunal
Okay here's the thing.

Some people abuse worse then others. *Myself i have no problem with swearing and calling people idiots if they do stupid things, like initiating team fights as the carry or chasing with no wards"

Yet you look through forums and there is a massive inconsistancy within cases. People get pardoned and warned and others get banned. How is that fair???...Its not.

The tribunal needs to have a massive review and get everyone on the same page. " Just look through forums you see judges disagreeing on cases"

Video analysis needs to be had so innocent people to end up in tribunal. Eg. I get reported when i was playing Jayce the other day for stating " Thats the worst team fight ive ever seen "If i had video analsys for this case i would not be banned as it would point out how correct i was. "

"To all the almighty judges of the tribunal, you guys in my opinion are destroying the game. Just as bad or even worse then all those unskilled players. I would guarantee your behavior isnt fantastic in game either. Or you dont speak at all. Its sickening thinking of how many trolls and **** ****s are not getting punished."

History: My first ban was for vulgar language. Was pretty bad using F*** and C**** most games, my 2nd ban i use ******. Not using it in a bad context. For E.g Case 1 of my ban my Yi in dominion was fighting on their turret throughout the game so i call him a ****** which i think can be justified.
I improved my in game behavior and barely swore in games. Why dont i get credited for improved language or anything like that ???
Look through my games i constantly encourage my team and say good job, well played bottom.
OOOOOO BUT THAT DOESNT GET LOOKED AT. Judging cases of 5 games in hundreds and hundreds of games. The % of raging is low. and will often be when there is ****** feeders in my team.

Kinvaras666 01-12-2013 08:09 PM

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Originally Posted by VietnamGuerrilla (Hozzászólás 33423913)
The tribunal needs to have a massive review and get everyone on the same page

Video analysis needs to be had so innocent people to end up in tribunal.


embalmdk 01-13-2013 10:01 AM

So just because you think someone is playing poorly justifies you calling them derogatory names. Just wondering who made you king of lol.

Also if you don't like the judging on the tribunal then do some cases and see what is happening in the games. You criticize but indications are you have done little to actaully see what is occurring in the community.

As for inconsistencies, that is what happens in a judicial system. Sometimes they pardon, sometimes they punish. By the way, tribunal does NOT had out punishment. In no case that I ever reviewed did it give the option for punishment. There are only two options PARDON or PUNISH. It is the players own past behaviour and Riot that decides the punishment doled to the player.

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